Solving the Construction Skilled Labor Shortage

The Construction Workforce Development Alliance of West Michigan (CWDA) was created by the Associated Builders and Contractors Western Michigan Chapter (ABCWM), American Subcontractors Association of Michigan (ASAM), and Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids (HBAGGR). The goal of this alliance is two-fold: to present the construction industry as a smart career choice, and to Read More >>

Lumber Wane

In recent episode of the ‘At Home Show’ Mark Vanden Bosch sits down with John Colley to discuss lumber and lumber pricing.  In this short video clip, the pair talk about lumber wane and what it means to the end user. Previous episodes of the ‘At Home Show’ are available for download at

Continual Improvement and Measuring Results

Our leadership team has been working on measuring our performance to our customers with one simple metric.  This measurable is the percentage that we are on-time and complete on our product delivery to your jobsite.  We believe this is one key performance indicator that signifies the customer experience.  Our goal is 100%. This aligns with Read More >>

What Causes Icicles

What causes icicles to form?  On a recent episode of the ‘At Home Show’ Mark sat down with Cormac Smith from Quality Edge.  The pair had a great time discussing all things roofing.  In this short clip Mark and Cormac tackled the question, ‘How to icicles form?’ Hosted by Zeeland Lumber’s Mark Vanden Bosch, ‘The Read More >>

Lumber Pricing August 2014

Last month we talked about the spread in pricing between asking levels and futures purchases.  We said at some point the two would come together because there was a relatively large spread. Cash did come down briefly but when the two met they both started rising together.  The uptick wasn’t much of a seasonal surprise, Read More >>

Housing Starts and Labor Shortages

With housing permits up, home prices on the rise, and home inventory low, it is a better environment in the building industry.  With all of this positive momentum, a major challenge we are facing is a shortage of skilled labor.  To combat this problem there are a lot of initiatives taking shape, including our Governor Read More >>