Building with manufactured components is a growing trend for both commercial and residential builders. When every construction professional is looking for ways to overcome the lack of skilled labor while minimizing build cycle time, prefabricated and manufactured components can provide a range of benefits. While we’ve addressed the benefits of manufactured roof trusses and floor trusses, prefabricated wall panels are another building component that can help your construction company build more profitably. Here are a few of the benefits of prefabricated wall panels. 


01. Safer Work Sites

Framing a home in the traditional way can be dangerous, especially as you start work on top of the first floor deck. With little room to move around safely, building second-floor wall panels on site presents safety hazards that your crew can’t afford. When you opt for prefabricated wall panels, the materials come assembled and ready to drop into place with the help of a crane.  


02. Improved Build Quality

Prefabricated wall panels are assembled by skilled professionals in a weather controlled zone, away from the jobsite. You don’t have to worry about extreme weather temperatures or precipitation affecting the quality or shape of the lumber. What’s more, since each wall panel is manufactured by an experienced design team, any mistakes or building flaws are easily worked out in-house, before any lumber reaches the site. Every prefabricated wall panel is precisely assembled according to the specific dimensions of your project. 


03. Minimized Labor Requirements

When your team doesn’t have to build and assemble wall panels on-site, you minimize the requirements for skilled labor on the jobsite. You hire your framing crew for just the time you need them to install your prefabricated wall panels, and because you’ve only ordered what you need, there’s also considerably less required cleanup time. In a time where the construction industry continues to struggle with a skilled labor shortage, prefabricated wall panels can help you keep your projects on schedule, without sacrificing on the quality of your building components. 


04. Faster Installation

The installation of prefabricated wall panels is quick and efficient. You’re not waiting for someone to measure, cut, and assemble each portion of each wall panel. The entire prefabricated wall component is delivered directly to your jobsite, where it is easily installed by a small crew in just hours. Not only does this go a long way to shorten your cycle-time, but it reduces the risk of jobsite theft of raw materials. When everything’s ready to install the minute it’s delivered, there’s no concern of something going missing. 


05. A Value-Engineered Building Solution

Because prefabricated wall panels are faster to install, deliver higher-quality construction, and require less on-site labor, they are a profitable building solution. You order exactly what you need, which minimizes jobsite waste and the need to wait for credit pickups. When you’re ordering just what you need, there will be less waste in general, which means you’ll need fewer dumpsters and you’ll have fewer materials to return. What’s more, prefabricated wall panels are built in a controlled environment that focuses only on those components. Each step of the building process is value-engineered to deliver you the highest-quality product at an affordable investment.

If you’re looking to build more efficiently, prefabricated wall panels are a great solution. Precisely manufactured and delivered directly to your job site, they allow you to build faster and with fewer hands. For more information about Zeeland Lumber & Supply prefabricated wall panels, get in touch with us!

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