Post-frame construction is a popular building method for agricultural applications and residential outbuildings like pole barns, but did you know it can be used for more than that? As an efficient, economical, and exceptionally reliable building method, post-frame construction offers a number of unique benefits to nearly any building application. Here are 6 key benefits that post-frame construction can provide to any project: 


#1 Affordability

Post-frame construction is a remarkably affordable building method. Because post-framing doesn’t require foundation (an estimated 15% of the cost of a traditional stick-frame building), requires fewer materials, and consequently requires less labor, post-frame construction buildings are very economical to install. Reduced materials mean reduced overhead costs and reduced labor, bringing the overall building cost down considerably. 


#2 Post-Frame Construction Doesn’t Require Foundation

Post-frame construction does not require a foundation or concrete floor support. Instead, posts are buried 4-6 feet into the ground to afford the strength and support the building needs. This not only reduces the cost of the building significantly, as mentioned above, but it also makes for a much faster installation process. Since builders don’t need to wait for concrete to cure, the building process moves along much more quickly. 


#3 Building Strength and Durability

Post-frame construction makes use of a unique combination of sturdy posts and heavy-duty roof trusses, which are directly connected. This construction method, combined with the steel panel roofs and siding that most post-frame buildings use, makes for an exceptionally strong building. Post-frame buildings can handle very heavy snow loads, and strong gusts of wind — just one of the reasons this building method is preferred for large agricultural buildings. 


#4 High-Quality Insulation

One benefit that’s often overlooked when it comes to post-frame construction is the building’s exceptional insulation capabilities. Though not all post-frame buildings are insulated (many agricultural buildings and pole barns, for example, do not need insulation) the ones that are can be very efficient. The posts used in post-frame construction are typically spaced about 8′ apart. Since post-frame construction doesn’t use studs like stick-frame building does, that’s 8 feet of uninterrupted insulation. With fewer areas where heat can transfer, post-frame buildings can be well insulated, contributing to significant energy savings over time. 


#5 Design Flexibility

As we’ve mentioned before, post-frame buildings rely on posts and long-span roof trusses for the building’s support. This means that post-frame buildings do not require interior walls for support. With large, open interior spaces, post-frame buildings offer design flexibility that can benefit nearly any application. 

A post-frame building can be constructed and left with an open interior for pole barns, workshops, and storage, or configured to include stalls or partitions for livestock. Wide-open interiors, with no need for interior support walls, mean that post-frame buildings can also be reconfigured endlessly for easy adaptability down the road. 


#6 Speed of Installation

With no need for foundation or framing interior walls, post-frame buildings are easy to put up quickly. Check out the post-frame building process for more information on how a post-frame building goes up, but know that with fewer materials, no foundation, and pre-manufactured materials like roof trusses, post-frame buildings take considerably less time to build. 

This is often ideal for agricultural applications that need buildings relatively quickly but is also beneficial for the DIY homeowner planning to construct their own pole barn. Quick installation contributes to the reduced expense of post-frame construction, as well. When buildings can go up more quickly, and with fewer materials, there’s less cost associated with labor. 

Post-frame construction offers a wealth of benefits. An economical and efficient way to put up a versatile, structurally sound building, post-frame construction is a great option for many building projects, from agricultural applications to municipal building projects, and even for DIY homeowners. 

If you’re planning a post-frame construction project, let the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team help you gather all the high-quality materials you need. We carry everything from high-quality lumber to steel roofing and wall panels. Let us know how we can help you build your next post-frame construction project.

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