Home ownership remains a dream in America. Owning a home connects us to our communities and offers a sense of well being and pride. Some of us crave a McMansion while the free-spirited set is just fine with a Tiny House. No matter what your preference, our homes become a living breathing extension of ourselves. The housing market remains hot, and if people don’t jump on their dream home, it may be gobbled up by someone else.

It’s not easy to move from a house. We have so many memories and experiences tied up in our homes. As we leave to move on we are both excited, yet sad. Our homes send us off every day and welcome us home safe at night. Have you ever thought about where home begins? It starts with Mother Nature and grows into a dream.

Every home starts as a tiny seedling and with the proper care, grows into a magnificent tree that continues to live on as wooden planks that start a fresh new home. Don’t despair; there are always new seedlings being planted and cared for.

The smell of fresh cut wood is always pleasing to the senses and the feel of new wood soft and glowing with color. Think about the last time that you wandered through a lumber department or lumberyard. Did you notice the smells and textures? Were there tiny pieces of sawdust lying about? People with drawings making plans? Did ideas start jumping about in your head about new projects or maybe even your dream home? That’s what we live every day, and we never forget that lumber builds dreams.

No matter what your profession look about you every day and be present. What is your business doing to impact others? How are you helping to build dreams or solve problems? Are you placing your customers and employees before profits? What is your purpose? We ask ourselves these questions every day and encourage you to join us.

A young seedling becomes a dream that connects someone to their community and is their anchor. What kind of dreams do you have?

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