The kitchen is one of the best rooms in a home to remodel because it adds immediate value to your home, and it’s a remodel that you’ll use every day. To get the most out of your kitchen remodel, choosing the right cabinets is a must, but it’s also a big decision. Cabinets set the tone and style for the room, and they’re also one of the bigger investments you’ll make in the project. Here are a few things to consider before you make your investment, and a few of the best kitchen cabinet brands that won’t let you down on quality or style. 

What To Consider Before Buying Your New Kitchen Cabinets:

Before you decide what kitchen cabinet brand you’ll go with, it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for. There are all kinds of great kitchen cabinet brands out there, and they each have different specialties along with all kinds of options for finishes, colors, and features. Knowing what you like, how much you plan to spend, and what types of features you’re looking for will help you narrow your choices down to one particular kitchen cabinet brand. 


While every kitchen cabinet brand will offer a variety of door styles and finishes, they each have their own distinct look. It’s important to have a clear idea of what style you like, and what you plan to implement in your new kitchen before you decide on the best brand for you. For example, one new style trend is frameless cabinets. Though it’s a popular style, not all brands have a line of frameless cabinets. That style choice alone will help you narrow down the brands you can choose from for your new kitchen cabinets.


Your kitchen remodel is your chance for your ultimate dream kitchen. If you’ve been living in your house for a while, you already know what’s working for you, and what’s really not. Now is the time to add features that will help streamline your day. Cabinet features, like a slide-out trash can, a built-in charging station, roll trays or a pantry cabinet can better customize your kitchen to your lifestyle while adding to your kitchen’s functionality. 

Again, these types of features may only be offered by some brands that have custom or semi-custom cabinet building capabilities. It’s good to think about these features before you get too far into the purchasing process, especially if you’re remodeling an oddly-shaped or sized kitchen, that might benefit from custom cabinets. While these features will cost more upfront, they’ll help contribute to a more functional kitchen in the long term and can help you boost the resale value of your home


The construction of a cabinet is a big marker of how much the cabinet will cost, but it also tells you how long you can expect your cabinet to last. As you might expect, cabinets that are made completely from hardwood are going to be the most expensive, but they’re also likely to last the longest. Cabinets with particleboard or plywood components will be more budget-friendly. 

In either case, be sure you’re looking at the quality of the construction to assess how long the cabinets will last you. You can find some exceptional quality cabinets with hardwood faces and plywood boxes and drawers — you just have to know what to look for. Cabinets and cabinet components that feature dovetail joinery, over stapled particleboard, are the best way to go for durability.

The way cabinets are made will have a big impact on the budget. With cabinets, you certainly get what you pay for. If you’re not sure which brands to trust, just keep on reading. We’re going to provide a list of some of our favorite, top-quality kitchen cabinet brands offering cabinetry solutions at every investment level. 

Best Kitchen Cabinet Brands for Your Home Remodel:

Once you know what type of cabinets you’re looking for, what features you’ll need and what construction style you prefer, you can start taking a serious look at some of the best kitchen cabinet brands. We know finding a brand you can trust to deliver excellent craftsmanship can be difficult, so here are a few of the best kitchen cabinet brands we know, all offering quality products at a variety of investment levels. 


If you’re looking for quality, traditional-style cabinets at an exceptional price, Marquis Cabinets is a great brand to check out. Considered a semi-custom cabinetry brand, they offer three different lines of cabinets perfect for any investment level and style. What sets Marquis apart is the comprehensive variety of styles, colors, and finishes they offer. 

Their Classic and Imperial cabinet lines feature beautiful hardwood faces and are available in 23 different door styles, 14 different wood species, and more than 30 different finishes. Their Express line offers a slightly smaller selection of door styles and finishes, but at a great price, and with enough options to suit a variety of kitchen styles. If you like a more traditional, handcrafted style of cabinets, Marquis is an excellent, American-made brand you can trust to provide great quality at any investment level. 


For true, handcrafted kitchen cabinets that can meet your style, look to Shiloh Cabinetry. A family-owned and operated company, Shiloh has a reputation for exceptional lumber and craftsmanship. If you’re planning a full kitchen renovation, and are hoping to replace more than just your cabinets, Shiloh is worth checking out because they also manufacture free-standing furniture-style islands. 

Not only can you get both cabinets and matching island from Shiloh, but the quality of their products and the styles they offer give any homeowner plenty of options to find the perfect solution to your kitchen refresh. Shiloh offers a variety of finishes, including classic paints and stains, highlights and glazes, more unique rustic and aged technique finishes, and a custom paint program to help you get the finish that best meets your unique style. If you’re searching for cabinets that fit that beautiful rustic farmhouse look, or if you’re hoping to match a custom color, you’ll certainly want to check out Shiloh Cabinetry.


One of the few true frameless cabinet manufacturers in the United States, Eclipse Cabinetry is brought to you by the same family-owned company as Shiloh. This means that when you choose Eclipse Cabinets to finish your kitchen renovation, you get all of the benefits of American-made craftsmanship, with the unique, contemporary style of European frameless cabinetry. 

Frameless cabinets offer you more storage and accessibility and finish your kitchen remodel with clean, modern lines that will make it feel brand new. Eclipse Cabinetry offers cabinet lines in solid hardwood, textured thermally-fused laminate, and high-pressure laminate, ensuring that every homeowner can find a frameless cabinet line that fits both their style and their budget. The option of laminate materials also extends your color options, so if traditional wood isn’t your style, you can easily choose the perfect color to match your newly renovated kitchen. 

Planning a kitchen remodel? Whether you’re remodeling now or are working on a plan for an upcoming project, Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to carry cabinets from all of the brands mentioned above. For more information, get in touch with our Kitchen & Bath team, or stop into one of our showrooms to look at some of these products in person.

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