Home renovation is everywhere. Today’s average homeowner has a dedication to DIY renovations and restoration that only continues to grow. If you’ve recently purchased a home you’re hoping to fix up, or if you’ve got one or two projects up your sleeve for your family home, you may be looking for a bit of renovation inspiration. For the best renovation resources, check out these websites for honest, helpful how-tos and design inspiration:

DIY Network

Whether you need help hooking up the gas for a firepit, or are simply looking for a few decoration tips, the DIY Network has you covered. A decidedly lifestyle-focused resource website, DIY Network is a great place to go if you have a smaller project in mind. Though they don’t have a ton of large-scale resources on hand, they do have plenty of how-to’s for those niggling little renovations you’ve been meaning to get to since you moved in.

This Old House

This Old House is an upcyclers dream renovation resource. If you’ve moved into a fixer-upper, or just live in a plain old home, This Old House has the resources you need to keep your place up and running in the 21st century. We love their practical resources on updating old plumbing, retrofitting new appliances and tech for an old home, and their renovation ideas that keep an older home’s character intact.

HGTV Website

HGTV is the holy grail of home renovation. Though they have fewer hardworking renovation resources than a true DIY site like This Old House, they make up for it with full streamable episodes of their most popular home renovation TV shows. If you need inspiration for any home renovation project, HGTV should be one of your first stops. They have ideas for every style and every home, and their shows will help you put a picture to that renovation you’ve had in mind.

Better Homes & Gardens

For the traditional home, you can’t beat a little BHG inspo. Their how-tos range in difficulty from painting grout to learning how to use a circular saw. If you’ve got a weekend project you’ve been itching to tackle, Better Homes & Gardens definitely has the resources and the inspiration you’re looking for.


The ultimate combination of how-tos and renovation inspiration, Houzz puts you in direct contact with builders and home service professionals. Many people use Houzz to ask questions about their upcoming renovation projects, like how to find a reputable contractor to complete the work, or where to find the parts and materials you need to DIY. Houzz also has a pretty extensive collection of before-and-after galleries to help you imagine what your home will look like after your project is complete.

While these are our top favorite resources for home renovation help and inspiration, we know there are plenty of other sites and resources out there. If we missed your favorite, let us know in the comments below!

Once you decide what project you’re going to tackle, let Zeeland Lumber & Supply be your resource for renovation! Our team of experts can help answer any of your renovation project questions, and we’ve got all of the materials you need for your renovation or construction project. Give our office a call at (888) 772-2119, or contact us online to see how we can help today!

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