Zeeland Lumber & Supply’s Brand Spotlight series was developed to highlight our partners who are innovative, creative, and dedicated to the continuous improvement of their services and quality of materials. 

For many homeowners, windows are one of the single greatest investments you’ll put into a home. Whether you’re building new or planning to complete a full window replacement, the windows in your home are a large, but entirely necessary investment for the look and function of your home. If you’re looking for windows and doors that can provide the very best in performance, style, and durability, at a range of investment levels to satisfy any homeowner need, look no further than Andersen Windows and Doors. 


Who Is Andersen Windows and Doors? 

Since the company’s start more than 115 years ago, Andersen Windows and Doors has been recognized as the gold standard in the industry for quality windows and doors. Andersen products offer exceptional durability and performance, with a quality and style that’s unmatched on the market. From completely customizable design features to their innovative Fibrex composite material, Andersen Windows and Doors delivers the very best residential window and door solutions on the market. 


What Products Does Andersen Windows and Doors Offer?

Andersen Windows is dedicated to quality at any investment level. Whether you’re looking for a custom window size and finish, or you’re hoping to fix up an older home with an affordable window and door set you can trust to perform, there’s an Andersen option for you. Here’s a look at Andersen Window and Doors’ complete collection of product series. 

E-Series Windows & Doors

Andersen Windows and Doors’ flagship line of architectural windows and doors, the E-series offers the very best in quality, style, and performance. With maintenance-free aluminum on the outside and customizable interior finishes, the E-series is a luxury line designed to look amazing and last forever. 

A-Series Windows & Doors

A series of windows and doors designed to enhance the architectural style of your home. Andersen Windows & Doors developed their A-series as a customizable line that can perfectly suit any home or personal style. 

400 Series Windows & Doors

The ideal balance of performance and style. The 400 series from Andersen Windows and Doors blends classic wood craftsmanship and beautiful, low-maintenance vinyl exteriors into one best selling line of windows and doors. 

200 Series Windows & Doors

The 200 series is designed to let the maximum amount of natural light into your home. With narrow profiles and bright white and pine interior finishes, the 200 series practically draws light in. Protected by Andersen’s Perma-Shield vinyl exteriors, these windows and doors can withstand years of wind, rain, and snow. 

100 Series Windows & Doors

The 100 series features Andersen Windows and Doors’ signature Fibrex composite material. Twice as strong as vinyl, with the same low-maintenance qualities, these windows and doors are a clean, energy-efficient option suited to any home and any style. 


What Makes Andersen Windows and Doors Innovative?

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is committed to continuous improvement. We make it a point to partner with manufacturers who share our dedication to innovation, so we enjoy highlighting some of the key actions each of our partners take to foster continuous improvement. Here’s a look at what makes Andersen Windows and Doors innovative: 

Fibrex Composite Windows

One of Andersen Windows and Doors’ leading innovations is their signature composite material, Fibrex. Made of a blend of reclaimed wood fibers and thermoplastic polymer, Fibrex is two times as strong as vinyl, does not flake, fade, blister, or peel, and performs better when exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Fibrex is the low-maintenance, sustainable alternative to vinyl, and is available for Andersen Window and Door products in their 100 and A-Series. 

A Commitment to Sustainability

At Zeeland Lumber & Supply, we believe that innovation should always be future-focused. Andersen Windows & Doors’ commitment to sustainability shows that they’re making the effort to ensure their operations and their products are leaving the smallest impact on our environment possible. 

Andersen responsibly sources materials for their products and is dedicated to sustainable product development, which means continuously putting out windows and doors that are responsibly made and provide better energy efficiency.

Whole-Home, Custom Solutions

Andersen Windows & Doors offers product lines that can suit any home, from the front door to the attic window. From new home builds to full-home window replacement, Andersen makes it easy to install a window and door system that flows cohesively throughout your house. With custom sizes and finishes available too, Andersen Windows and Doors has a solution for any home. 

Interested in an Andersen Windows and Doors product? Let us know! Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to supply a full line of Andersen products, which means we can help you get the very best windows and doors for your next project. Give us a call at 888-772-2119 or leave us a message online for more information.

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