As a building and materials supplier, Zeeland Lumber & Supply partners with a number of manufacturers to supply you with the best building products and materials on the market. We take great care to choose partners who are doing impressive, innovative work, and who are dedicated to developing exceptionally-crafted goods. While we know why we love these brands, we know that there are a ton of manufacturers out there, and it’s not always easy to figure out which brand is best for your upcoming project. 

That’s why we’ve started this Brand Spotlight series. In this series, we’ll be working to highlight partners who are not only working to improve their service and quality of materials but who are also investing in innovations that support the construction industry as a whole. 

This month, our first Brand Spotlight will be on Teem Wholesale. Teem Wholesale is a newer partner for us here at Zeeland Lumber & Supply, so we thought this would be the perfect chance to introduce you to their company, their products, and to what they’ve been innovating. 


Who is Teem Wholesale?

Teem Wholesale is an American manufacturing company producing high-quality, handcrafted architectural millwork, solid wood exterior and interior doors, stair parts, and more. The company was founded in 1997 and has grown over the years to become one of America’s finest manufacturers of architectural wood products. 

Zeeland Lumber & Supply works hard to seek and partner with manufacturers who are forward-thinking and innovative, and as an American-made company that has grown to dominate an industry with exceptional product quality and even better customer service, Teem Wholesale certainly fits the bill. 


What Products Does Teem Wholesale Offer?

Teem Wholesale offers a variety of millwork products, all of which are available in standard and custom options. Just a few of their products include:

  • Interior Doors
  • Interior Hinges
  • Exterior Doors
  • Moulding
  • Interior Millwork
  • Patterned Glass

Teem Wholesale is the go-to manufacturer for builders and architects looking for beautiful, handcrafted millwork that can meet unique specifications and styles. One of the key innovations that sets Teem Wholesale apart from other millwork manufacturers, is their dedication to high-quality, handcrafted products made right there in the US. 


What Makes Teem Wholesale Innovative?

As any construction professional will tell you, the construction industry is changing rapidly. Everyone, from builders to architects to the end consumer, needs more products more quickly, while our industry is working with fewer people to support that demand. 

Teem Wholesale is addressing this challenge head-on with innovative technological solutions that enable them to deliver the best product to their clients and customers, exactly when they need it. Here are two of the reasons we’re excited to partner with Teem Wholesale:

Custom Trim Division

Custom millwork can truly make a house a home. Whether you’re a homeowner fixing up a historical home and looking for a match to centuries-old crown moulding, or you’re a custom home builder hoping to develop a few custom details to set your latest project apart, quality millwork is what makes the difference. Unfortunately, in many cases, custom millwork also means waiting for weeks for an architect to design those details, and then a few more weeks as you wait for the manufacturer to build the product. Teem Wholesale’s massive library of custom, hardwood moulding, and their advanced moulder and knife grinding equipment from Weinig Corporation has allowed them to offer custom profiles in addition to their standard designs. 

This service is turning the millwork industry on its head, both for builders and for the end consumer. Architects can develop new, custom profiles that best meet their client’s unique needs, and send them off to Teem Wholesale, where they’ll be created using only the highest grade of Appalachian hardwood. These custom profiles, which are manufactured with exceptional efficiency, offer new value to the architect, the builder, and the end consumer or homeowner.

Made in America Products

In addition to keeping their facility’s running with the newest, most efficient technology, Teem Wholesale has set their company apart with a continued dedication to custom, handcrafted products that are made right here in America. Also known as their “Made in America” products, Teem Wholesale’s original product lines: Patriot Hardwood Moulding and Liberty Doors only feature products that are made entirely in America. 

Every product in each of these lines starts with exceptional quality lumber, which is then crafted to meet both standard designs and vast custom capabilities. Clients are able to choose the wood type, finish color, and a variety of finishing details from panel options and applied mouldings on doors to custom profiles in their Patriot Hardwood Moulding line. Offering consumers high-quality options that are both American-made and custom sets Teem Wholesale beyond the competition, and makes them a company that Zeeland Lumber & Supply is honored to partner with.


Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to partner with Teem Wholesale to supply their products to all of our clients. If you’re interested in a particular product or have a custom millwork project in mind, let us know! We supply a variety of Teem Wholesale products, and we’re here to connect you with the right people who can help you complete that custom project in no time. Get in touch with a Zeeland Lumber & Supply team member today.

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