Zeeland Lumber & Supply’s Brand Spotlight series was developed to highlight our partners who are innovative, creative, and dedicated to the continuous improvement of their services and quality of materials.

Exterior siding is one of the most important components of any building, residential or commercial. Despite siding’s importance to build quality, it has seen little innovation in the last few decades. That’s why the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team is excited to announce this new product line from our partners at Quality Edge: Vesta Steel Siding. 


What is Vesta Steel Siding? 

Vesta is a steel plank siding system designed to offer homeowners the very best in performance and style. Inspired by the classic look of shiplap, Vesta steel siding is engineered to deliver the beautiful aesthetic of shiplap, with the added durability and performance of steel. Brought to you by the innovative team at Quality Edge, Vesta steel siding is their newest line of advanced exterior building products. 


What Are the Key Benefits of Vesta Steel Siding? 

Quality Edge builds upon its steel siding legacy and designed Vesta to complement the many profiles offered in the TruCedar steel siding line. Vesta offers many of the same benefits of TruCedar, with an even greater focus on product aesthetics, quality, and performance. Here are a few of the key benefits of Vesta steel siding. 

Steel Core for Ultimate Durability

At the heart of Vesta siding is a steel core that offers the very best in durability and safety for your home. Vesta steel siding offers a Class A fire rating and is tested rigorously to ensure it can protect your home for decades to come. This steel core is paired with an anti-corrosive zinc barrier and the strongest and most age-defying surface coating ever to deliver an exceptional product that not only outperforms other siding materials on the market, but that’s just as attractive as it is strong. These exceptional components are why Quality Edge is able to offer a lifetime warranty. 

The Handcrafted Beauty of Natural Wood

Traditionally, exterior siding components made to look like wood fall short. They’re often visually repetitive and lack the depth of texture and color to truly represent a beautiful, natural wood pattern. 

Vesta steel siding breaks the mold with handcrafted wood grain selections. Each Vesta wood grain selection features six unique and harmoniously hand-drafted prints that provide a truly natural appearance that looks as good up close as it does from a difference. This attention to detail, paired with Vesta’s unique high-definition tri-color paint application creates a multi-dimensional, naturally accurate look that is engineered to maintain its natural color for a lifetime. 

Weather Tested For Exceptional Performance

Vesta steel siding doesn’t just look great. Inspired by shiplap — which has protected everything from Viking ships to centuries-old homes from the most extreme weather conditions — Vesta steel siding is engineered and weather-tested, ensuring exceptional, triple-threat weather defense. 

Long and narrow stacking seams formed by interlocking pieces deliver a patented flat, element-resistant surface that works to block and divert moisture away from your home. Built-in breathing ducts ensure proper circulation behind the siding, keeping your home dry and protected for decades to come. 


What Makes Vesta Steel Siding Innovative?

Quality Edge has always been dedicated to developing the most advanced building products on the market. Vesta steel siding is no exception to their mission. The first of its kind, Vesta steel siding truly combines performance and durability with exceptional style. Here are just a few of the additional features that make Vesta steel siding an innovative exterior building component.

Naturally Recyclable

Steel is an endlessly recyclable and renewable resource. Instead of choosing between strength, beauty, and recyclability, have all three with Vesta steel siding. Vesta uses between 85-90% recycled content, lasts a lifetime, and can be 100% recycled post-use. Investing in a Vesta exterior means you invest in a material that is recyclable and environmentally-friendly. 

Built for the Future

Vesta steel siding is built for the future. One of the strongest, most durable materials on the market, this is not a siding you’ll need to replace in a decade. With an average expected lifespan of 40 years, steel siding safeguards you from expensive repairs, ensuring your building’s style and function are well-preserved for decades, with minimal to no upkeep from you. With Kynar paint finish, the color won’t fade over the life of the product, ensuring it looks as great on its last day as it did on day one. 


Sustainability is a top concern for today’s homeowner. Engineered with sustainability in mind, and designed using sustainable performance layers like the SunMaster Paint System, Vesta steel siding is the answer to the modern consumer’s request for top-performing building materials that are also environmentally friendly. Vesta steel siding panels are designed with built-in weep holes that promote air circulation between joint seams and behind the building surface, providing non-stop underlayment defense that protects the home and adds another layer of energy-efficiency. 

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is excited to introduce this new, exciting product line to our customers. Vesta steel siding, brought to you by the team at Quality Edge, is truly an innovative building material that’s helping to push the industry forward. If you’re interested in Vesta steel siding or would like to learn more about this new product line, talk to the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team.

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