For 110 years, Yorktowne Cabinetry has been producing high-quality cabinets and accessories built to last. Their commitment to craftsmanship begins with experienced product designers, who create solutions for the ever-changing American home, and continues with craftsmen and women who bring the innovations to life.

Here at Zeeland Lumber & Supply, we carry high-quality products from brands we trust, and we’re proud to feature Yorktowne Cabinets. No matter what color, design, or functionality you need, we’ve got you covered with Yorktowne. 

Who Is Yorktowne Cabinetry?

At Yorktowne Cabinetry, their motto is, “American Made. American Strong. Welcome to Yorktowne®, where you’ll discover casual elegance crafted to last a lifetime.” 

For decades, Yorktowne Cabinetry has made its motto a reality by crafting top-of-the-line cabinets to fit any home’s style. They manufacture all of their products in the United States and source from local forests, which shows a commitment to sustainability. 

Yorktowne Cabinets are known for building outstanding custom-made cabinets. They service residential homes, commercial buildings, offices, and more. They offer an array of materials and colors, so it’s always easy to find the right cabinets for your project. 

What Yorktowne Cabinets Are Available?

Yorktown Cabinets are known for blending stunning styles with innovative designs. They currently offer three cabinet collections for home kitchens:

Classic Series

With Yorktowne’s Classic Series, you can celebrate the timeless charm of American craftsmanship paired with a distinctive set of traditional yet practical and modern styles.

Historic Series

If you crave vintage elegance, opt for the Historic Series from Yorktowne Cabinets. This collection offers a wide variety of styles that embody the classic heritage of American style.

Iconic Series

The Iconic Series offers a broad range of styles to fit any space, no matter the style. These Yorktowne cabinets are fully-customizable to reflect your decor and lifestyle.

In addition to offering three stylistic collections of cabinets, Yorktowne also provides an extensive array of colors and finishes. When you’re investing in new cabinets, choose from the following materials:

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Quartersawn Oak
  • Hickory
  • Knotty Alder
  • Rustic Maple
  • Straight-Grain Maple
  • Straight-Grain Oak
  • Straight-Grain Cherry
  • MDF

Yorktowne Cabinets Storage Solutions

Yorktowne doesn’t just produce standard cabinets with exceptional quality; they also offer lines of great storage solutions. When every dish, utensil, and appliance has its own home, your life in the kitchen will be stress-free. 

Storage Solutions Offered by Yorktowne Cabinetry Include:

  • Drawer organizer trays
  • Walk-through pantries
  • Knife block inserts
  • Cookware organizers 
  • Charging drawers 
  • Wastebasket cabinets
  • Multi-level spice racks
  • Smart sink base cabinets

Versatile Home Features From Yorktowne Cabinets

The kitchen is the center of every home. It’s essential to reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic and includes features that work best for you. Aside from kitchen cabinets and storage solutions, Yorktown also produces custom islands and wood hoods

Custom Kitchen Island Features:

  • Shiplap
  • Built-in seating
  • Open shelving
  • Glass doors

Custom Wood Hood Features:

  • Alcove wood hoods
  • Curved wood hoods
  • Box hoods
  • Square hoods
  • Component wood hoods

Invest in Yorktown Cabinets With Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Whether you’re building a house from scratch or looking to take your current kitchen up a notch, Zeeland Lumber & Supply is here for you. We carry top-of-the-line products from high-quality brands, such as Yorktowne Cabinetry. If you need cabinet and storage solutions, we’d love to help. Give us a call today!

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