When it comes to home renovations, consumers know what they want. As aging in place gains popularity, homeowners are investing in those big remodels that will set them up to live out their golden years at home. For contractors, that means a lot of big-ticket projects on the horizon, but as always, the consumer will have the final say regarding what brands and products they value most.

If you’re trying to position yourself to take on some of these larger home renovations, here are 5 consumer favorite products and brands that wow. From big names like Cambria to popular consumer remodel trends like frameless cabinets, these 5 consumer favorite renovation products are picks you’ll want to make sure you offer to your clients:


#1 Cambria Countertops

Cambria countertops come as no big surprise to most of us in the industry. Quartz and engineered stone have been rising trends in homeowner renovations for years, and Cambria has solidified itself as a leading manufacturer in the industry. Homeowners ready to commit to a kitchen or bath renovation will have done their research and will recognize the Cambria name. It’s a quality brand with a quality product that offers a full range of countertop colors, styles, and textures to suit any homeowner’s taste.


#2 Trex Decking

For homeowners hoping to update that old deck, or for those who are finally ready to install the outdoor living space they’ve always wanted, Trex Decking is the brand they’re looking for. As the world’s #1 decking brand, many homeowners preparing to either age in place or fix up their home to sell as they downsize love the low-maintenance, durability, and curb appeal that a Trex deck, patio, or porch can offer.

Homeowners in their 50s and 60s are particularly well-suited for this product, as they have the budget and the motivation to complete these larger-scale patio and landscaping projects. Trex Decking is a high-quality product that homeowners know to ask for by name.


#3 Frameless Cabinets for Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Outside of brands that homeowners request, it’s also important for contractors to stay up on remodeling trends homeowners actively invest in. One popular kitchen and bath renovation trend right now is frameless cabinetry.

Younger homeowners who are renovating old homes with a more modern, minimalist look are loving the clean lines and functionality of a frameless cabinet. With no styles between cabinet drawers or doors, homeowners enjoy a little bit of extra storage space and deeper drawers that can accommodate pots and pans.

This European style has really taken hold here in the U.S., and if you can accommodate your clients with a quality frameless cabinet like those offered by Eclipse Cabinetry, you’ll see more of those kitchen & bath renovation projects you’re looking for.


#4 Andersen Windows and Doors

Andersen Windows and Doors is another brand that homeowners know well. From experienced homeowners looking to upgrade their windows before retirement to new homeowners fixing up their first home, Andersen Windows and Doors is a brand that has made its name as a versatile, trustworthy manufacturer of windows to suit any style and investment level.

In addition to calling out Andersen’s window lines, we’d also like to mention their newer line of sliding glass doors, the Weiland Liftslide door. The perfect answer to homeowners who are looking to bring the outside in with their home renovation, these top-of-the-line glass sliding doors are available in a complete range of heights, shapes, configurations, colors, and styles. The brand’s unique flush track eliminates the tripping hazard commonly associated with sliding doors, making it another attractive brand option for those homeowners renovating to age in place.


#5 Hardie Plank Exterior Siding

While interior renovations get all of the glory — the blogs, the how-tos, and the coverage — contractors know that exterior renovations are equally as profitable, and can help homeowners increase their home’s value. Many homeowners planning to sell or hoping to fix up an older home know that exterior renovations are a top priority, and are looking for the best products on the market to make those upgrades.

Fiber cement siding is another product that’s gaining a solid hold in the market. Most homeowners only want to do exterior renovations once, so they’re willing to spend a little bit extra for a product they know will last. HardiePlank is the brand name answer to that consumer need. James Hardie’s signature siding product, HardiePlank is known not just for its durability and strength, but also for the look and texture it offers to any home. Homeowners love the combination of function and style this product offers and will ask for this brand name if they’re interested in fiber cement siding.

Whether you’re already offering your clients these products or you’d like to learn more, let Zeeland Lumber & Supply know! As your supplier, we’re here as a complete resource for everything from learning about a product or trend to delivering the materials your clients need directly to your job site. We supply all of the products mentioned above and would be happy to answer any questions as you consider offering them to your clients. For more information, get in touch with your Zeeland Lumber & Supply sales rep, give us a call at 888-772-2119, or leave us a message online today.

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