Fabral Metal Roofing & Wall Panels

Fabral is a leader in the metal building products industry. Since 1967, they’ve been supplying premium metal roofing and wall panel products for architectural, commercial, post frame, industrial, transportation, and agricultural application. Fabral’s premier quality and expansive range of products have set them apart in the industry, and Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to bring this brand to our clients building both commercial and residential projects.

Benefits of Fabral Metal Roofs & Wall Panels

A benchmark leader in metal roofing and wall panels, Fabral’s products offer superior durability, quality, and aesthetic for both commercial and residential applications. A few of the benefits of Fabral metal roofs & wall panels include:

fabral metal roof


On average, a metal roof has a lifespan that’s two to three times longer than the traditional asphalt shingle roof. Fabral’s metal roofs can last between 40-60 years, offering extreme longevity in any application.



Fabral metal roofs and wall panels offer any building enhanced protection against regular wear and tear from weathering, as well as strong protection against extreme weather. Since Fabral metal products are also fire resistant, these metal roofs and wall panels also provide additional protection for a home or commercial building in the event of a fire.



Added Energy Savings

Metal building products are well-known for their energy-efficient qualities, and Fabral products are no exception. Metal roofing in any color, light or dark, is highly reflective, deflecting UV rays from the sun and minimizing the amount of heat that roofs absorb. This reflective feature reduces cooling loads in the summer and helps insulate buildings in the winter minimizing both energy use and the corresponding cost of energy bills.

Adds Value

Because metal roofing and wall panels have an extended lifespan, they provide the building owner with added value, both in costs saved from replacement, general maintenance, and energy savings. For residential homes, homeowners insurance and tax credits offer additional cost savings, and again, because of metal’s longevity, a metal roof or wall paneling is often a selling point that adds to the overall value of a home.

fabral metal roof

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Fabral Options Offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to supply a variety of Fabral products, from architectural metal panels to traditional standing seam metal roofing products, in a variety of colors. Get in touch with a Zeeland Lumber & Supply team member for specific information on a particular panel style or color option.

Fabral Options Offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

fabral metal roof


Expansive Range of Color Options

All of Fabral’s metal products are available in a variety of high-performance Enduracote paint color options. The Enduracote paint system is Energy Star approved on all products and features exceptional durability that will not fade, crack, or peel throughout the lifetime of the product. In addition to standard Enduracote paint options, Fabral’s panel systems are also available in specialty colors and finishes, like self weathering zinc, titanium, and natural metals, brushed or anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and even cold rolled metals that will weather naturally over time. And if that weren’t selection enough, many of Fabral’s products can be color-matched to suit any style or custom color palette.


Variety of Panel Systems

In addition to Fabral’s exceptional quality products, they also offer a variety of panel systems to suit any architectural style or investment level. Fabral offers panel systems with both concealed fasteners and exposed fasteners all available in both roof and wall options. Each of their panel options can be cut to custom lengths, and feature some of the highest hail impact and fire resistance ratings on the market.


In addition to their expansive variety of panel styles and colors, you can feel great knowing that Fabral stands behind their products completely. Every Fabral metal panel comes with lifetime protection for peeling and cracking, in addition to a 30-year warranty for color fading. This exceptional warranty makes it easy to invest in Fabral products knowing that should anything happen, your products are protected.


fabral metal roof

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