Trex Decking products have become extremely popular for decks and porches. One of the biggest benefits with their railing systems is that you can install them yourself. Here’s a quick guide on how:


Trex railing comes with a cardboard template that is useful in installing the railing in both horizontal positions and going downstairs. There are two sets of punched holes in the template. The top punches are used for horizontal applications, and the bottom punches are used when installing a railing along stairs.

  1. Place the template against the outside of the post.
  2. Place the top bracket in the appropriate punched hole in the top of the template, facing up.
  3. Affix top bracket to post with screws.
  4. Place the bottom bracket in the appropriate punched hole in the bottom of the template, facing down.
  5. Affix bottom bracket to post with screws.

Mounting the bottom rail

  1. Holding the rail underneath the bottom bracket, insert screws down through the bottom bracket, into the bottom rail.
  2. Repeat on other side of bottom rail.
  3. Place gasket around the top of the bracket and rail, the open end of the gasket facing down.
  4. Repeat on other side of bottom rail.
  5. Bow baluster spacer to fit underneath the gaskets, then snap it into place atop bottom railing.

Installing rail balusters and placing the top railing

  1. Place top baluster spacer atop bottom baluster spacer, upside down.
  2. Align holes in top and bottom baluster spacers.
  3. Place balusters into holes in baluster spacers.
  4. When all balusters are placed, pull the top baluster spacer approximately halfway up the balusters to align the balusters correctly.
  5. Place the top railing atop the balusters and snap together.

Install top railing and mount post caps

  1. Lower baluster space to bottom railing so that balusters can be moved out of the way when inserting screws.
  2. Insert screws into top bracket going up into the top railing.
  3. Repeat on other side of top rail.
  4. Slide top baluster spacer up to the top rail and snap into place along bottom side of top rail.
  5. Slide post cap down onto top of post, using clear silicone to adhere cap to post.

Zeeland Lumber offers Trex decking components and anything else you might need for your deck project. Stop by one of our locations to start building your deck today!

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