Your supplier for construction materials can make or break your jobs, or at least, determine whether you complete jobs on-time and within budget or late and over budget. Since customer satisfaction depends in part on how quickly you get the job done and whether you can stay within their budget, the company you choose to supply your materials can have a huge effect on customer satisfaction and repeat business. So how do you choose the right supplier?

Industry Reputation

You need a supplier with good ratings and reviews from other industry professionals. If a supplier doesn’t have that, you risk the opportunity of working with a professional who will get you what you need when you need it.

Delivery Services

You might save a little money picking up supplies yourself, but you may not always be able to spare the time or the manpower to pick up what you need, especially in a time crunch. A reputable supplier will be able to deliver supplies directly to your worksite.

Customer Service

This might go without saying, and it ties into a good industry reputation, but good customer service is crucial. Make sure the supplier you buy from has reps you can work well with and who you can get in touch with easily when you need something – from a quote to a rush delivery.

Variety of Quality Products

Different jobs have different price points, so you need a supplier that has it all. Additionally, those products need to be brands you can trust and the quality that your clients will expect.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

You don’t want to work with dinosaurs who still track everything on paper and only take faxes. To be efficient in the modern world, suppliers need to take advantage of established and emerging technologies, like GPS tracking of delivery trucks and inventory management systems, to be as efficient as possible, passing on the benefits of that efficiency—savings of time and money—on to you and your customers.

From lumber to manufactured components like roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels, Zeeland Lumber has the supplies you need and the reputation, services, and zeal for improvement that make us a strong contender for your business. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can serve your building supply needs.

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