As a remodeling professional or custom home builder, it’s important to stay on top of current homeowner trends, so you know you’re building homes and making remodel suggestions that resonate with your existing and potential clients. Whether you’re trying to get a better idea of what products you should be investing in, or you’re looking for some design inspiration for your upcoming projects, this article outlines some of the most recent kitchen and bath remodel trends your clients are sure to love: 


Updated Faucets and Hardware

There’s no easier way to breathe new life into an existing kitchen or bath than by updating faucets and hardware. Homeowners love bright, shiny options and aren’t afraid to mix metals. Brass is making a big comeback, especially in kitchens and bathrooms that embrace a more mid-century modern style. When you’re looking at faucets to update a client’s home, be sure to consider smart options with one-touch features. The more technology the better for today’s connected homeowners. 


More Storage, Less Clutter

As we move into 2020, minimalist style is only increasing in popularity. While open shelving and storage had its day, new kitchen and bath remodel trends suggest that homeowners are opting for more storage in favor of a stark, uncluttered style that ensures every bowl, plate, fork, and hairbrush has its place. Look for cabinet manufacturers who offer custom cabinet options that make use of every square inch of space. Cookie sheet storage, deep drawer organization, and slide-out pantry drawers are all unique features that homeowners love. 


Updated Surfaces

Stone countertops have always been in style, but today’s kitchen and bath remodel trends really put an emphasis on clean, updated surfaces and countertops. Look for marble, granite, and quartz options that are monochromatic and neutral in whites, greys, and soft blacks. These colors bring an updated feel to any kitchen or bath remodel, making even an older home feel luxuriously new. 


Technology Integration

Today’s homeowners are embracing technology in every nook and cranny of their homes. New kitchen and bath remodel trends are working to incorporate smart technology into as many updates as possible. From LED recessed smart lights to smart faucets to smart devices that can control the temperature of your shower and color of lighting in the bathroom, smart homes are the future. The more technology you can implement in your kitchen and bath remodels, the more in-demand your work will be.


Clean Whites & Natural Accents

Monochromatic looks are still in, but with more of a European shift. Instead of stark bright whites, homeowners are adding in more natural accents from reclaimed wood, green foliage, and stone to bring in a bit of additional warmth. While the neutral, minimalist style made popular in places like Sweden and Denmark is still in favor, the newer trend warms up some of those stark and potentially cold colors with natural features and accents. 


Eco-Friendly Elements

Today’s consumer is increasingly focused on their environmental impact. Both new home buyers and homeowners who are remodeling are looking for products that put focus on the environment. Eco-friendly elements, like reclaimed wood, products made from recycled materials, and environmentally sustainable materials are key features homeowners are willing to pay a little extra for. Energy-efficient options are equally as desirable, both in appliances and in building materials.


Kitchen and bath remodeling projects are a great way for you and your customers to make money. Homeowners make the most return on kitchen and bath remodels, and they’re a great project for builders and remodelers, too. If you’re interested in offering any of these remodel trends for your clients, connect with the Kitchen & Bath team at Zeeland. Zeeland Lumber & Supply has the right resources in people and product to help execute your project with ease.

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