Liberty Doors

As a proud partner of Teem Wholesale, Zeeland Lumber & Supply is excited to bring you their signature line of doors: Liberty Doors. The Liberty Door Series exemplifies the Teem Wholesale brand, delivering quality craftsmanship, exceptional style, and serious longevity. If you’re looking for a beautiful hardwood door, look no further than the American-made Liberty Door Series.

Why Choose Liberty Doors?

There are so many options on the market for doors. What sets the Liberty Door Series apart from other lines out there? Here at Zeeland Lumber & Supply, we’ve chosen to partner with Teem Wholesale and their Liberty Door Series because we know they value innovation, craftsmanship, and style as much as we do. Here are just a few of the reasons we choose Liberty Doors, and why we think you will too:

Solid to the Core

Quality and value are two of the most important qualities for you and your customers. Liberty Door’s unique solid-core construction ensures both. Manufactured by gluing together multiple pieces of lumber with solid wood faced veneers, Liberty Door cores are constructed so that they do not bow, bend, or twist over time. This significantly expands the lifetime quality and value of these doors. 

Made in America

All Liberty Doors are built in the US. From door concepts to building and delivery, this complete line is made in America, from start to finish, and built to compliment your project or home. This is a collection you can feel good about investing in. 

Custom Solid Wood Doors

Liberty Doors are handcrafted and assembled according to your specifications. Teem Wholesale uses only the finest grade of hardwood lumber and time-tested construction methods like stave core construction, dowelled corners, and hand-sanded panels to ensure superior quality. Liberty Door’s expansive selection of designs, door top, and door panel options and custom capabilities ensure you get exactly the door you need for your project or home.

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Liberty Door Selections Offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

The Liberty Door Series is designed as a custom line of solid wood doors. With endless paneling and wood species options, you can create the Liberty Door option that best fits your project style and investment level. Here’s a look at a few of the different types of doors offered in the Liberty Door Series. 

Raised Panel

Designed for either interior or exterior use, Liberty raised panel doors offer your homes and projects just a bit of added dimension. With floating solid wood panels, laminated wood stave cores and wood dowel construction, this is the craftsmanship you expect with a simple style you’ll love. 

Flat Panel

Offering all the benefits associated with any Liberty Series door, flat panel options offer a chic, modern twist on the traditional hardwood door. A minimalist approach creates clean lines throughout your project, while beautiful hardwood craftsmanship brings warmth and elegance. Available in both interior and exterior options. 

Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are a recent, popular trend. Not only do these doors save space, but they offer a beautiful, natural focal point for any room. If you’re building a project or home that could use the added visual interest, look no further than Liberty’s barn door options. Handcrafted from hardwood, these barn doors make a statement in any room.

Patterned Glass

Bring light into any room with a Liberty Series patterned glass door. From modern, minimalist door styles to classic dutch doors and full-door panels, Liberty patterned glass offers you all the customization you need. Choose from a variety of glasses like clear, beveled, frosted, and reeded as well as other tempered option.

Liberty Door Selections Offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

As a Teem Wholesale supplier, we are able to bring the full series of Liberty Doors to our clients and customers. Whether you’re looking for a new interior selection or a beautifully handcrafted exterior door, we’re here to help you find the perfect Liberty Door for your next project. Contact your Zeeland Lumber & Supply sales representative, or contact us online for more information. 

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