Manufactured roof trusses are a godsend for commercial and custom home construction, but their usefulness doesn’t end there. Manufactured roof trusses and other manufactured components can be equally beneficial for builders of barns and outbuildings, resulting in saving you time and money, making your building process more efficient so you can put up more buildings and turn a bigger profit. Here’s how:

Less Time On-Site

Manufactured trusses are assembled off-site and delivered to your build. All your crew has to do is install them – a process that eliminates wasted time on the job site. Why is this such a crucial benefit? The less time you spend on a build, the less cost, the more jobs you can book, and the greater customer satisfaction you will see. Your customers want their barns, garages, or sheds put up quickly so that they can put them to use without construction activities disrupting their daily routines.

Quality Components

Manufactured trusses are created in a factory, in a controlled environment. This means that a) these trusses have not been subject to wear and damage due to weather, which means they’ll last longer, and b) trusses can be made quickly, as needed. There are job site conditions beyond anyone’s control, like weather and amount of daylight, but the truss manufacturer can produce trusses up to 24 hours a day in conditions that are controlled.

Competitive Advantage

Using manufactured roof trusses will help you get barns up quicker than traditional rafter framing, but more than that, you’ll have an advantage over your competitors. It’s simple math: less time on the job site equals lower costs per job and more available time, which equals an ability to price jobs more competitively and book more jobs, which equals winning more jobs and making more money.

We manufacture roof and floor trusses to meet your construction needs and buying from us means buying directly from the manufacturer, unlike a traditional lumberyard that is simply re-selling someone else’s product. Let’s discuss how our manufactured products can work for your next project.

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