Marquis Cabinets

Founded in 1989, Marquis Cabinets is an American-made cabinet and door manufacturer best known for their exceptional quality cabinets at a range of investment levels. With hundreds of color, finish, and wood type combinations, Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to offer Marquis Cabinet’s wide range of exceptionally crafted cabinets.

Benefits of Marquis Cabinets

There are tons of cabinet-makers out there, each with their own claim to fame. So why do we carry Marquis Cabinets? Here’s what the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team loves about Marquis Cabinets, and what sets them apart from other manufacturers:

Marquis Cabinets

Quality Products

First and foremost, Marquis prides themselves on the quality of the raw products they start with. They use some of the finest hardwoods for their Imperial and Classic lines, and top-of-the-line plain-cut veneers for some of the options available in their Express Cabinet line.

Expert Craftmanship

Marquis Cabinets are hand-crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Each cabinet is built by skilled craftsmen using modern equipment, ensuring every product is sanded and finished to offer the consumer both beauty and durability.

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Made in the USA

One of the few manufacturers who exclusively functions in the USA, when you purchase Marquis Cabinets, you can feel good knowing that every part of the product was made in the USA. All of Marquis’ factories are in the USA, and they employ more than 700 American craftsman and workers to manufacture their products.


Consumers will also appreciate Marquis Cabinet’s dedication to the environment. At every step of their manufacturing process, Marquis keeps the environment in mind. They recycle all wood waste material by producing wood pellets, they use energy efficient lighting in their plants, and they even provide carpool vans for employees in several cities. Best of all, all Marquis products are Carb Phase II compliant.

Marquis Cabinets

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Why Choose Marquis Cabinets?

Marquis Cabinets are an excellent choice for any homeowner or builder looking to create or renovate with beautifully crafted cabinets made entirely in the USA. Marquis offers a range of styles, wood types, and door profiles to ensure that there’s an option for every taste and investment level. Best of all, Marquis Cabinets is dedicated to fostering environmental sustainability in every aspect of their manufacturing process. For a truly beautiful product featuring quality craftsmanship, Marquis Cabinets can’t be beat.

Marquis Cabinet Products Offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Delivering exceptional, American-made quality, Marquis Cabinets offer a wide variety of cabinet options suited to every investment level. From plain-cut veneer to some of the finest hardwood on the market, Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to offer a full line of Marquis Cabinets to our customers.

Classic Cabinets

Classic Cabinets

Marquis Classic cabinet series is a semi-custom line offering over ninety custom modifications, ensuring you’re always delivered the look that suits your home or project best. The Classic line offers a choice between 14 different wood species, 30 different finishes, and more. Choose the stain, paint, and door style that you love for a top-quality cabinet at an affordable price.

Imperial Cabinets

Imperial Cabinets

Marquis Cabinet’s line of Imperial Cabinets offers the same customization as their Classic line, with an even higher quality. Choose to upgrade to plywood box and shelves to accent hardwood styles and rails, face frames and drawer fronts. Made with Marquis Cabinet’s signature American craftsmanship, the Imperial Cabinets offer the highest quality in cabinetry.

Express Cabinets

Express Cabinets

The Express Line of Marquis Cabinets is perfect for the home renovator or contractor building a number of homes. The Express line offers six door styles, 18 finishes, 3 wood species, and 13 custom modifications to make choosing the perfect cabinets for your project simple. Offering a speedy delivery time, the Express line is available at an attractive investment level, while still featuring the beautiful quality and craftsmanship that’s the cornerstone of the Marquis Cabinet brand.

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