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If you want to add a classic, yet luxurious appeal to your entryway, you may consider investing in a wood exterior door. Wood exterior doors are popular among homeowners in search of a sturdy solution that offers a natural, customizable design. At Zeeland Lumber & Supply, we’re proud to offer our customers a stunning selection of them, all from trusted brands in the industry. With superior craftsmanship and customizable styles, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. 


Benefits of Wood Exterior Doors

Wood exterior doors can bring many benefits to your home. With impressive durability and even better design, they can be manufactured to match the style and needs of any home. Below are just a few advantages you’ll experience by installing one in yours: 

wood exterior door


Unique Character & Style 

Wood exterior doors carry an elegance and character that you simply won’t find in other exterior door choices. If you’re trying to achieve a high-end, architecturally unique entryway, this is your go-to material. And with the ability to stain, paint, sculpt, and cut wood to your liking, the customization options are truly endless. If you’d like, you can even add a gorgeous glass pane for extra charm!

Great Durability

Exterior doors are subject to quite a bit of wear and tear, especially if you live in a climate with unpredictable weather patterns. Luckily, wood exterior doors are known for having great durability, as long as they’re maintained properly. You’ll have to commit to annual staining and refinishing, but the reward of having a beautiful entryway for years to come is well worth the care you’ll put in.

Easy to Repair

In the rare case that some damage does happen to your wood exterior door, it’ll usually be a breeze to repair. Wood can be easily sanded and restained if it suffers any superficial weathering or scratching. Also, the texture of natural wood is able to hide scratches and dents well, so you can put off fixing small cosmetic damages for a while if need be.

High Energy Efficiency

Solid wood exterior doors have a naturally high R-value, which means they’re great insulators. Although they’re not quite as remarkable as fiberglass exterior doors in this aspect, they still offer a great amount of energy efficiency to keep your family comfortable and your utility bills affordable — a rewarding quality for any exterior home solution to have. 

solid wood exterior door

Shop Wood Exterior Doors from Top Name Brands

glenview wood exterior door

 At Zeeland Lumber & Supply, we’re proud to offer beautiful wood exterior and entry doors from some of the best brands in the industry. We take pride in only supplying brands which have an outstanding reputation for quality craftsmanship and service. Learn more about our featured supplier, Glenview Doors, who provides exterior wood door solutions built for Midwestern living.


Zeeland Lumber & Supply’s Exterior Door Specialists

Zeeland Lumber & Supply offers customers a wide range of exceptional exterior door products. In addition to our wide selection, we’re also happy to provide expert door-hanging services! Leave the hard work to our experienced professionals, and ensure that your door is installed for optimal performance. 

Stop into our showrooms for a look at our comprehensive displays, or just give our team a call. We’re here to help.

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