From Youtube tutorials to Pinterest finds to HGTV shows, DIY is having a moment. A quick search online can provide you with how-tos on nearly any project you could have planned for your home, and they make it seem so simple and easy. But anyone who has ever tried to make a Pinterest recipe or has just seen the expectation vs. reality pictures knows that it’s not always so easy to do it yourself: there’s lots of room for error. When it comes to your home, you want to make sure you’re getting it right—the first time. So, how do you know when to DIY and when to call a pro?

Your Skills and Knowledge of the Project

If this is something you’ve done before and are confident in your ability to handle it, there’s no harm in the DIY route. But if you’ve never picked up a hammer before, you might want to consider calling a pro. Even if you’ve tackled projects around the house before, like installing a Trex deck railing, there might be some projects that are out of your depth, like building an entire deck.

Project Complexity

Some projects are more complex than others and require a variety of skills, tools, and knowledge that the average homeowner might not have. Remodeling your kitchen is a complex project, as it deals with cabinetry, plumbing, and electricity, not to mention possibly tearing out walls and building new ones. Even if you can handle some parts of the project yourself, like painting, you’ll probably appreciate expert help with installing your new, expensive countertops.


It’s going to take you longer to complete a project than it would take a pro, for more than one reason. First of all, you’re not doing this full-time, you still have to go to work and do your job. Plus, if you don’t do this for a living, you don’t have the experience that makes a job easy enough to do in your sleep. If you’re a teacher on summer break, maybe you do have the time to spend on a project, but if it’s a busy season for you at work, or at home, you might not have the time to dedicate to completing the project quickly.

Of course, not all projects need to be finished quickly. You can take your time on a non-essential improvement project, like building a pergola. But your bathroom or kitchen? You can’t have those out of commission for months and months.


DIY-ing can be a way to save money on certain projects. Painting, for example, is a relatively simple project requiring little equipment or expertise, and doing it yourself could help cut costs. But for other projects that are more complex, hiring a pro could actually save you money. Pros can get materials at competitive prices, provide their own equipment, and won’t waste materials or make costly mistakes that send you back to the lumberyard.

Whether you decide to go it alone or bring in some professional help, Zeeland Lumber has everything you need for your renovation or home improvement project, from materials to installation services. Visit any of our locations to get started!

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