Are you considering upgrading your kitchen this new year? We’ve got you covered! We always keep an eye on the latest trends to help our customers achieve the kitchen of their dreams. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home! 

This blog will cover the most popular 2023 kitchen cabinet trends you can use in your home. 

The 8 Best 2023 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

New cabinets can make a world of difference in your kitchen. Not only do they approve functionality, but they can also offer a brand-new aesthetic. Check out the best 2023 kitchen cabinet trends for you to try below. 

1. Trendy Textures

Wow – take a look at these funky cabinets! We love the unique texture and pattern of the cabinet doors. Incorporating texture into your cabinets is a new way to add dimension and style to your kitchen. They’re unexpected and will definitely be a conversation starter when entertaining guests.

trendy textures

2. Bold Color Blocks

Would you describe your style as colorful and eccentric? If so, then you’ll love this new color-blocking trend. There’s no need to choose just one color for your kitchen cabinets when you can incorporate a whole palette! An added benefit of this trend is that you don’t have to update every single cabinet – pick and choose a few to switch up the color, and it will feel like a whole new room. 

bold color blocks

3. Overstated Hardware

One of the easiest and most effective ways to elevate your cabinetry is by switching out the hardware. One of the trends we’re seeing right now is bold hardware with mixed metals and colors. Add new hardware to your cabinet doors and drawers, and see the room transform before your eyes! 

overstated hardware

4. Statement Islands

Bright white kitchens have been a prevalent trend during the last few years. While we don’t necessarily see this trend completely going away, we do find that some homeowners want to add pops of color to their kitchens. One of the best ways to accomplish this without completely redoing your cabinets is by updating your island. Try updating the cabinet doors on your island with a fun, bright color. It will make all the difference! 

statement islands

5. Drawers, Not Doors

When homeowners are installing new cabinets, we see they opt for more drawers rather than cabinets with doors. Regular cabinets on the lower level of your kitchen can be difficult to access and find items that are the right size for storing. With drawers, you can easily store heavy pans, glassware, plates, pantry items, and more!

drawers not doors

6. Built-In Bar

If you entertain a lot or just enjoy a relaxing evening cocktail, incorporating a bar into your kitchen would change everything. It’s hard to find a designated area in the home to build an entirely new bar, so why not fit it into the kitchen? Use cabinets to store glassware and bar tools and counter space to craft tasty concoctions. 

built in bar

7. Hidden Electrical Outlets

When building a new kitchen, one element that might get overlooked is the placement of electrical outlets. In most cases, outlets are installed into the walls or backsplashes. Instead, opt for hidden outlets under the cabinets or inside the cabinets. You’ll be amazed how much clutter is eliminated, giving the room an unexpectedly clean look. You can also build outlets into kitchen islands for convenient use of appliances and access for guests. 

hidden electrical outlets

8. Open Shelving

If you want your kitchen to feel more open and airy, the open-shelving concept is perfect for you. Rather than opt for traditional cabinet doors, install some doors with glass panels so you can see the inside shelving. Or, opt for no doors at all and enjoy the open-air shelving. This will add visual interest and allow you to showcase attractive kitchen glassware, plates, or bowls. 

open shelving

Take Your Kitchen Cabinets up a Notch

Are you ready to make changes to your home this new year? There’s no better place to start than with your kitchen cabinets! Zeeland Lumber & Supply carries the best products from top-of-the-line brands, so you’re always getting the best for your home project. Visit us online or give our team a call today to get started.

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