Zeeland Lumber & Supply’s Brand Spotlight Series was developed to highlight our partners who are innovative, creative, and dedicated to the continuous improvement of their service and quality of materials. 

This month, we’re putting our Brand Spotlight on Trex Decking. As spring is starting to look a little bit closer, there’s no better time to talk about decking. Later this spring and into the summer, when consumers start calling for new decks and deck replacements, you’ll be glad you know about Trex Decking.


Who is Trex Decking?

Trex Decking is a world leader in composite decking material. They invented their proprietary blend of composite decking, and have been improving it for years — establishing their place in the industry as the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking products. Trex Decking is the top name in composite decking, and we’re excited to show you why we’re so proud to carry Trex Decking products.


What Products does Trex Decking Offer?

Trex Decking is a full-service decking manufacturer, which means they make everything from the decking material to the railing, fencing & latticework, and outdoor lighting that perfectly complements your new deck. Zeeland Lumber & Supply carries all of Trex’s decking products, but we’d like to focus specifically on Trex Decking’s four tiers of composite decking: Trex Enhance Basics, Trex Enhance Naturals, Trex Select Earth Tones, and Trex Transcend.


Trex Enhance Basics

The perfect solution for consumers seeking the durability of composite decking, with the affordability of wood, the Basics collection is perfect for any budget. Available in three traditional colors, boards in the Enhance line are scalloped to make them as lightweight as lumber.


Trex Enhance Naturals

Trex Enhance Naturals offers the same performance capabilities of the Basic line, with the added value of an authentic wood-grain appearance. With five color choices, this is a great selection for the consumers seeking a natural, earthy look. Like all Trex products, the Naturals collection is protected against fade and stain and has enhanced mold and mildew resistance.


Trex Select Earth Tones

Trex Decking’s unique shell technology is what first put them ahead of the competition. The Trex Select line features a full high-performance shell that stands up to weather, spills, stains, and more. Available in five natural wood grain color options, this is the perfect line for the consumer looking for a luxury composite deck, at an affordable investment.


Trex Transcend

Offering the highest level of performance in the entire Trex collection, Trex Transcend is the company’s luxury line. With deep wood-grain patterns and a range of luxury colors available in two distinct styles — premium tropicals and classic earth tones — this is a stunning collection. Combined with no maintenance: no sanding, no staining, and no painting, this is the ultimate Trex Decking option. 

This range of selections ensures there’s a Trex Decking product for everyone. Whether you’re just looking to get that deck in as quickly as possible, or you’re building backyard oasis, Trex has a selection for every home and budget.


What Makes Trex Decking Innovative?

The Brand Spotlight series was designed to highlight our partners who are dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement. Here’s why we chose to highlight Trex Decking this month:


The Industry Leader in Composite Decking

Perhaps the most obvious sign of Trex Decking’s dedication to innovation is their status in the industry. Trex spent years innovating its unique shell technology and building a composite decking product that is heads and tails above the competition. 

They’ve remained at the top of the industry because they continue to innovate. With new product lines, additional color selections, and finishings and even outdoor furnishing to match each Trex Composite Decking product, Trex has continuously innovated with the consumer’s needs in mind.


Eco-Friendly Decking

Beyond Trex Decking’s exceptional product is the fact that they’ve also made it eco-friendly. Trex Decking’s composite material is made up of a blend of 95% reclaimed wood and plastic film. This ensures they’ve never felled a single tree for their product and helps the environment by finding a use for discarded plastic films from sources like grocery bags, sandwich bags, and more. As more and more consumers prioritize environmentally responsible products, Trex has already done a great job to secure their spot as a consumer favorite.


Sustainable Supply Chain

A sustainable, eco-friendly product doesn’t mean much if the supply chain isn’t sustainable too. Part of Trex Decking’s dedication to continuous improvement means they’re always looking for ways to reduce their impact across the supply chain. They work to ensure supply vendors (95% of whom are based in the U.S.) operate with ethical and responsible business practices. They also conduct regular supply chain assessments to identify areas where greater environmental improvement can be made. 

Trex is hands-down one of the most popular decking brands available today. If your clients are interested in their composite products, or if you’re interested in Trex Decking for your own home, get in touch with the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team. We’d love to help you find the perfect Trex solution for your next deck project.

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