The building industry’s favorite material for building envelopes, you’ve seen the Tyvek name on buildings in construction for decades. But what exactly is Tyvek, and why is it so popular in the construction industry? Tyvek is a 100% synthetic material made from high-density spun bound polyethylene fibers. Resistant to water, abrasion, aging, and bacterial penetration, and one of the most lightweight, durable, and breathable materials on the market, it’s easy to see why Tyvek is a top choice when it comes to building envelopes.

Why Choose Tyvek?

In construction, Tyvek is used like other home and building wraps to create a physical barrier between the interior and exterior walls of buildings and houses. But what sets Tyvek apart? Here’s a look at just of the few of the ways Tyvek outperforms the competition.

Water-Repellent and Bacterial Resistant

Tyvek is produced using high heat and pressure that makes the material act as a thermoplastic. Its semi-solid state prevents liquids from breaking the surface, ensuring a solid water barrier between interior and exterior walls. Since Tyvek fibers are also continuous, hazardous materials like asbestos, mold, fiberglass, and more are unable to pass through it. This ensures your buildings are kept dry and safe from any potential hazards.

Energy Efficient

One of Tyvek’s top features is its ability to create exceptionally energy-efficient homes and buildings. Tyvek is able to control air leakage as it also protects against damaging wind and rain. When Tyvek is working to protect your buildings, insulation remains safe and dry, which means your buildings have a better R-value. With better insulation, your buildings are more energy efficient. 

Breathable yet Durable

Tyvek’s unique construction offers the breathability your buildings need to allow water vapors to escape, while still providing intense durability. The material is made with long, continuous nonwoven fibers which are randomly laid and compressed, but not bound. This provides exceptional tear and puncture resistance, while still offering that breathability necessary to keep buildings dry.


Recyclability and environmental responsibility are two top consumer priorities these days. Your clients will appreciate the fact that by using Tyvek, you’re using a 100% recyclable material on their homes and buildings. Reused Tyvek products often get a second life in applications like park benches and playground equipment. 

Simple Installation

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for builders, Tyvek is easy to install. This is one of the features that has made it such a popular building material. Simply wrap your building with Tyvek commercial or house wrap, tape the seams, and your building is protected for years to come. It’s a no-hassle material that adds great value to your projects. 

Have questions about Tyvek?

Who is Tyvek For?

Tyvek is an exceptionally versatile project that can be used for any building project you might encounter. While Tyvek also makes products for unique homes and building applications like stucco, here are a few of the product line’s most common building applications. 

Residential Builders

Perhaps the most well-known of the product line, Tyvek HouseWrap is made specifically for residential homes. The non-woven, breathable material is easy to install and helps insulation perform at its best. This is the go-to material for builders who believe in high-quality, high-durability building solutions.

Commercial Builders

Tyvek CommercialWrap was designed with commercial building applications in mind. With up to nine months of UV resistance, high tear strength, and the brand’s famous durability, this is an easy, effective way to build more energy-efficient buildings, faster. 

Multi-Family Builders

Multi-family builders can choose from Tyvek Commercial Wrap, or the even higher-performing CommercialWrap D. The D stands for “drainage” as this product is built for high performance in even the windiest, wet locations. Combining Tyvek’s existing weather barrier with a vertically grooved surface, this product helps channel windblown rain and other water away from insulation, ensuring your builds are kept safe, dry, and energy-efficient.

And More!

Tyvek is more than just a building envelope. It’s also trusted throughout the world in industries ranging from healthcare to media to construction. With applications for sterile packaging, personal protection, and so much more, Tyvek is an exceptionally versatile product that we’re proud to bring to our customers. 

Zeeland Lumber Supply & Tyvek

Zeeland Lumber & Supply offers a full range of Tyvek building products. Whether your next project is commercial, residential, or multi-family, we have the Tyvek product best suited to your application. For more information about the Tyvek products we carry, contact your Zeeland Lumber & Supply sales representative, or contact us online today.

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