You might think that white countertops can go with just about anything, and it’s true, you’ve opened up a huge amount of possibilities — but there are certain colors and textures that are made to be together to match different styles. So the question becomes, “How do you choose the right white countertop style for you?”

Whether you’ve got a style in mind or are starting from scratch, let’s explore how to choose the best countertops to go with your white cabinets. 

Choosing Countertops for White Cabinets: Warm vs. Cool

If you’ve seen anything on HGTV, you know that there are endless shades of “white”. Are you eggshell, cream, ivory, or vanilla? Rather than debate color theory, let’s go ahead and divide the spectrum of white tones into warm vs. cool. 

When choosing countertops for white cabinets, you’ll want to pick options that align with your warm or cool white cabinets. Let’s take a look at a few common countertop combinations with white cabinets, both warm and cool.

black countertops white cabinet modern kitchen

Countertops for Cool White Cabinets

Cooler tones of white are typically considered more modern and minimalist. For pairing colors, think black and cool gray, primary colors of red, blue, and yellow, as well as cooler pastel tones. Countertops that go best with cool white cabinets will reflect this modern quality. 

Here are some countertop design ideas that look great with white cabinets:

Gray to Black Granite Countertops

Dark granite countertops, from steel gray to jet black, make a striking pair with cool white cabinets. Common in modern kitchens, this combination feels clean and fresh. Use bright pops of yellow or red to add some color, or stick to more neutral tones to add depth to your kitchen design.

Bright and Light Quartz Countertops

If you want your kitchen to reflect even more light, pair your white cabinets with white or near-white quartz countertops. This design can help make small or dark kitchens feel bright and airy. Quartz countertops are an extremely durable choice. They look like expensive stone but are less susceptible to cracking or scratching than granite or marble.

Elegant Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain is actually one of the most popular countertop materials on the market right now, and many porcelain countertop options are perfect for your bright white kitchen cabinets. Porcelain can offer all the elegance of the look of marble, with exceptional durability that the natural stone can’t provide. Marbled porcelain countertops go well with white cabinets in both traditional and modern kitchen styles, or if you’re loving that bright white look, go ahead and seek a match! Porcelain is available in virtually any color, which means you can find an equally cool white for your countertops to bring in that bright, airy feel you love. 

wood countertops in a predominantly white kitchen

Countertops for Warm White Cabinets

Warmer tones imply a more rustic feel. For kitchens that enjoy a lot of warm light in the morning or evening, warm white tones lean into coziness and comfort. Bright but warm shades of reds, orange, yellow, and green pair well with warm white cabinets. For countertop choices, consider going for the rustic look, or keep it traditional with luxurious granite countertops.

Here are some countertops that go best with warm white cabinets:

Neutral Porcelain or Quartz Countertops 

Pair your kitchen cabinets with the warm tones of countertops that are endlessly customizable like porcelain or quartz. Because either of these materials is available in virtually any color you can imagine, it’s easy to choose pieces that show flecks of beige, brown, and warm whites. Neutral-color countertops go best with white cabinets in kitchens with soft lighting and warm, pastel palettes. 

Natural Wood Countertops

Natural wood grain in your kitchen countertops can provide a rustic feel. Stain your wood countertop a dark shade to make it look aged or leave it light for a brighter, almost scandinavian look. Then seal it well against moisture.

Rich Granite Countertops

Rich granite countertops are a staple of the classic farmhouse look. Deep blacks and brown bring a rich depth of color that contrasts nicely with warm white cabinets. The durability of granite also means that you’re investing in both form and function for a beautiful white kitchen that’s sure to stand the tests of time.

white countertops in an open kitchen

Other Countertop Style Considerations

Go for a pop of color: Use different colored cabinets for the base of the island to help it stand out, or choose a different countertop surface like natural stone for most of the kitchen but a wood countertop island or a contrasting stone pattern that keeps many of the same tones. This will make the kitchen island feel different from the rest of the space, yet preserves a cohesive design.

Use bold accents: Don’t forget to use other elements in the room that you want to pull into your design, including wall colors, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and more. Especially with monochromatic or neutral color palettes, accents of color or different textures can help break up the space and draw the eye.

Get Inspired at Zeeland Lumber and Supply

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