Choosing the right siding option for your home is a big decision. Painting and staining your own siding materials can be time consuming, but is there another way? 

Let’s talk about prefinished siding — what it is, why it’s a great choice for your home, and a few of our favorite prefinished siding brands.

What is Prefinished Siding?

Prefinished siding is any siding materials that are painted or stained before they are installed on a home or building structure. Finishing the materials prior to installation ensures a consistent application of paint or stain often resulting in a brighter, more even presentation of color. Prefinished siding is also treated to be more resistant to weather, UV rays, and more — ensuring a more durable, long-lasting finish than a traditional siding paint job.

Prefinished siding adds value for home builders, designers, and homeowners because it speeds up the building process and provides long-lasting quality and protection for the exterior of the home. Builders can get onto their next project faster, and homeowners won’t have to worry about painting or staining their prefinished siding any time soon.

Advantages of Prefinished Siding

Prefinished siding is an excellent value-added solution for homeowners and builders everywhere. A few advantages of using prefinished siding vs. traditional siding are:

  • Faster installation: siding installers can complete their work quickly and not delay other work onsite
  • Cost-effective solution: save on labor costs for painting and staining
  • Consistent color and quality: prefinished siding is available in a huge variety of shades and features a consistent, rich application of color
  • Long-lasting finish: vibrant colors are resistant to UV rays and fading due to the protective finish

Best Prefinished Siding Brands

Choosing the right brand of prefinished siding can make all the difference. Two of our favorite prefinished siding brands are LP Building Solutions and James Hardie Siding, which are popular for their excellent product durability and warranty options.

LP Prefinished Siding

LP Building Solutions is known for their engineered wood products that are architecturally versatile and easy to install. LP prefinished siding, especially the LP SmartSide Expert Finish siding, comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures and is exceptionally durable and resistant to moisture and extreme weather.

Hardie Prefinished Siding

James Hardie produces high quality fiber cement siding and trim that comes primed for painting. With the addition of ColorPlus technology, this siding is finished with rich color that is baked on for durability and UV resistance. Prefinished siding from James Hardie is resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking and guaranteed to maintain a bright, vibrant color for years to come.

Looking for siding? Whether you’re refreshing your existing home, or building a new house altogether, prefinished siding can save you a lot in time and money. Zeeland Lumber & Supply carries prefinished siding from top brands like LP Building Solutions and James Hardie. Give us a call or stop into one of our showrooms to see what we have available!

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