What are Manufactured Wall Panels?

As you might expect, manufactured wall panels are complete building panels that are manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure exceptional quality and efficient production. Manufactured wall panels offer a solution to the construction industry’s current labor shortage, helping builders shorten cycle time without sacrificing on build quality.

How are Manufactured Wall Panels Made?

Manufactured wall panels are made in a controlled, indoor environment according to a client’s specifications. Zeeland Lumber & Supply owns three manufacturing plants, called Zeeland Truss & Component plants, where we manufacture wall panels to a variety of standard sizes, as well as to suit custom floorplans, ensuring that we meet all of our client’s needs.

Within each manufacturing facility, every wall panel is constructed from high-quality lumber using an optimized cutting process that minimizes scrap and lumber waste. Unlike traditional on-site stick framing, manufactured wall panels allow for just-in-time delivery of completed wall panels, and the manufacturing process ensures that less lumber is used in construction, helping lower overall costs.

What are the Benefits of Manufactured Wall Panels?

Manufactured wall panels are designed to address a number of challenges in the current landscape of the construction industry. A few of the benefits of manufactured wall panels include:

Addressing the Construction Industry’s Labor Shortage

The construction industry is currently facing a significant labor shortage that’s making it difficult for construction professionals to keep up with demand. Manufactured wall panels help address this challenge by minimizing the amount of necessary on-site labor that must be completed.

Rather than stick-framing an entire single-family home or multi-family project, builders can order manufactured wall panels to their specifications, and have them delivered exactly when they’re ready to frame in a building. This helps alleviate some of the pressures of the labor shortage, shortening build time and required on-site labor while still delivering a quality product.

High-Quality, Efficient Construction

Manufactured wall panels are constructed in an indoor, quality-controlled facility with higher quality lumber than you might typically find in the field. This approach means that 1) every component is free from the effects of weather, and 2) wall panels can be made quickly, as needed. Unlike a job site, where builders must deal with waning daylight, diverse weather conditions, and noise concerns from neighbors, at a manufacturing facility, panels can be created up to 24 hours a day in perfect, controlled conditions.

Manufactured Wall Panels are Cost-Saving

When you’re saving on labor costs and benefiting from quicker turnaround times, you’re saving money in production. Manufactured wall panels are a cost-saving alternative for builders hoping to reduce cycle time. You get a quality product built to your specifications exactly when you need it, without the labor costs of stick framing on-site, or worrying about damaged or stolen lumber. This makes manufactured wall panels a cost-effective solution.

Puts Builders Ahead of Competition

Manufactured wall panels are still a relatively new concept in the industry, especially for single and multi-family home builders. Construction professionals who are adopting manufactured components now are putting themselves ahead of the competition with an efficiently produced product that minimizes waste, cost, and time-to-build, without sacrificing on build quality. That’s a competitive advantage that ensures increased profits and satisfied customers.

Manufactured Wall Panels Customized to Your Project

Zeeland Lumber & Supply manufactures wall panels, roof, and floor trusses at our own Zeeland Truss & Component plants so we can supply our customers directly. We’re happy to customize our manufactured components to suit your project or projects perfectly. For both custom and standard size wall panels, choose from a variety of high-quality materials and sheathing options from OSB to Huber Zip R, LP Weatherlogic, and more. Our manufactured wall panels and other building components are all built in climate-controlled warehouses and shipped directly to you, exactly when you need them.

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to manufacture high-quality wall panels that can benefit commercial builders immensely. Contact us online, or at 888-772-2119 to discuss how our manufactured components can work for your application.

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