Your customers care about more than just receiving fair pricing —though don’t get us wrong, they definitely care about getting a competitive deal—they also want to buy quality products and services they can trust from companies they believe in. They’re not going to buy from companies they don’t trust, or from companies who use subpar suppliers they can’t trust. Here’s why:

Customers are doing online research

Consumers are doing more research than ever, thanks to the internet and smartphones. They are easily able to compare products, companies, and prices, and they’re going to go with the industry leaders that fit their needs. A supplier whose products receive poor reviews or who have suffered from scandal or bankruptcy will soon be fettered out by savvy customers in just a few clicks and searches. Customers also rely on friends and family for recommendations so focus on obtaining testimonials from past clients.

Customers are “Voting with their Wallets”

Money talks, and it also votes, in a sense. Now more than ever, Americans are using their power—in the form of money—to support things they care about. When it comes to building supplies, that can mean ethically sourced woods and American-made products. It can also mean products from companies that do their part to reduce their environmental impact and compensate their workers fairly. Moreover, products produced locally are especially important to customers.  Zeeland Lumber produces our trusses and panels locally, supporting the communities that we serve. Ensuring that your suppliers meet the high-value standards of your potential buyers is necessary in this age when so much information about businesses is available to customers online and when social consciousness is gaining more attention.

Supplier inefficiencies get passed on to you and your customer

Having strong suppliers who are highly efficient and pass those efficiencies on to you and the end customer in the form of competitive pricing is crucial because your potential customers can easily find someone else with the same product for less money. Additionally, long lead times are another supplier inefficiency your customers won’t accept.

You’re only as successful as your suppliers, so commit to partnering with suppliers that not only have a positive industry reputation, but that also manufacture products your clients can feel confident about and work with companies who use industry best practices to pass along savings, quality, and efficiencies to both your customers, and to you.

Zeeland Lumber has the products, services, industry reputation, and innovative business practices to be a key and dedicated supplier partner. Contact us to find out how our product specialists and sales teams can partner on your next project.  


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