Manufactured roof trusses aren’t new to the Midwest market, but the ability to sell directly to customers is. The market’s supply chain is making a shift, and Zeeland Lumber & Supply is excited to be at the forefront of that shift, selling our trusses directly to building professionals and homeowners through our Zeeland Truss & Components brand. 

If you’re new to the idea of manufactured trusses, or if you’re considering investing in prefabricated components for your next job, this ability to purchase directly from the manufacturer offers a number of benefits. You can place your order in one call, receive an exceptional value by working directly with the manufacturer, and ultimately benefit from a much simpler, more direct way to do your business. Beyond that, manufactured components can improve the way you build. Here are 5 benefits of manufactured trusses, all of which help you complete a better build, in less time, and for less money:

Reduced Expense

The first key benefit of manufactured roof trusses is that they help reduce your expenses significantly. Since roof trusses are built from shorter lengths of lumber and are manufactured in a facility that has the capability to streamline production and minimize waste, they’re much cheaper overall than rafter framing.  This minimizes your costs, allowing you to offer a more competitive bid to your clients while helping you turn a greater profit. 

Takes Building Load Off of Interior Walls

One often overlooked benefit of manufactured roof trusses is the freedom they give you to design the interior of a home. Since roof trusses can span much longer distances and are constructed in a controlled environment, they often don’t need the support of load-bearing interior walls. This frees up your design capabilities and allows you to incorporate more of those open-concept floor plans and features that current home buyers love. 

Faster Installation

Manufactured roof trusses do a lot to improve the speed of your construction project. Roof trusses made in a factory can be made at any time of day, first or third shift. This constant production in a controlled environment means you’re not waiting for good weather or for the right crew to do the job. Your roof materials are simply delivered directly to your job site already manufactured for your project.  

In most cases, when you use manufactured roof trusses, roof framing can be completed in as little as a day. This is great for the interior of your projects as well, since you’re able to get the home framed in more quickly, protecting the interior from the elements. 

Higher Quality Product

Manufactured roof trusses are built in a controlled environment using precision machinery and equipment. This ensures that every truss is uniform, and it also ensures the quality of the lumber. Since lumber is stored inside, away from the elements and in an environment where water and heat can’t warp your products, you are guaranteed higher quality lumber that hasn’t been compromised by the elements. 

Fits Your Project Perfectly

No matter what style or size home you’re building, roof trusses are easily manufactured to fit your specifications. If you’re planning a roofing feature like cross gables or cathedral ceilings, manufactured roof trusses are easily put together to fit that unique design, offering the support and structure you need, without the extra labor or time spent on the job site. You don’t have to worry about miscalculations or poor measurements since manufactured trusses are made in a highly-controlled environment, and built exactly to your specifications. 

Manufactured building components make your business easier, and more efficient. At Zeeland Lumber & Supply, we’re proud to build trust by offering all of our clients direct access to the customized solutions they need to set their business apart. To learn more about Zeeland Lumber & Supply’s roof trusses and other manufactured components, get in touch.

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