Our people have a passion for community and giving back. At Zeeland, we encourage team members to volunteer to make a difference. Not only do our people volunteer for community events and causes that are important to all of us, but they also volunteer their time to causes where they have a personal passion.

Each year we are committed to giving back to a variety of organizations in the communities that we serve and live. We love to offer our time, skills, and creative insight to build others up to transform lives. Community and honoring our values is who we are reaching out to impact the lives of others and creating sustainable communities is what we do.

We are delighted to partner with our customers in the community to make a difference. We encourage our trade partners to work with us to build change, offer more opportunities, and uplift those in our community. A few of our supporters to bring change are,  Andersen, Trex, Lumbermens, and Louisiana Pacific.

We aspire to live our values every day at work and in the communities that we serve.

Our Values

Service Excellence:

Meeting the needs of our customers to the highest standards


Doing what we promise

Career-long Learning:

We are students of our industry to bring knowledge to our customers


Honoring where we live and work

Financial Success:

Running a sustainable business in order to better serve our employees, our customers, and our community

Honoring God:

Recognizing that all we have and all we do is from him and for him. And recognizing that God has entrusted us with transforming the places where families live, grow, and thrive

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