Choosing the right vanity is a big deal. Too small, and you’ll miss out on valuable storage. Too big, and you won’t have enough room to actually be in the bathroom. Here are some tips to help you choose the right vanity for your space and style.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Size Bathroom Vanity

When choosing the right size bathroom vanity, you’ll first need to think about the purpose of the room and the functions of the piece. Then you can experiment with styles and materials to find the ideal size bathroom vanity for your space.

#1 Consider Who Will Use the Bathroom Vanity

Consider who will use the bathroom vanity and how much space they’ll need. If the master bathroom vanity needs to accommodate double sinks, you’ll need to account for more space on each side. If the vanity is for a half bath or it’s just you, you might be able to get away with a smaller bathroom vanity.

Who is using the bathroom vanity may also affect measurements for height and depth. You won’t want to have to stoop too low to reach the sink or lean over to get to the mirror, so consider a size that’s comfortable for you and makes sense for the space.

Also, how you’ll be using the bathroom vanity will affect its size. Consider if you’ll need room to plug in appliances like hairdryers, use products like makeup or brushes, or access plenty of storage for cleaning supplies, towels, and more.

#2 Find the Best Location for Your Bathroom Vanity

Where your bathroom vanity is located will not only help determine the right size for the vanity, but also influence the flow of traffic for the room. Measure how much space you can use for a vanity while allowing room for doors to swing, drawers to open, access to the toilet or shower, etc.

#3 Choose a Bathroom Vanity Style

Choose a bathroom vanity style that works for the space and your lifestyle preferences. For example, freestanding bathroom vanities are very popular, but they often have more spaces that will need regular cleaning. A floating vanity can act as a bold modern focal point for the space, but you may not be able to disguise your existing plumbing without reconfiguring the hookup. Wall and corner-mounted vanities, on the other hand, work with almost any plumbing configuration and have plenty of storage space.

Don’t forget to factor the style of sink into your bathroom vanity designs. If you choose a smaller vanity, a narrower sink will capitalize on surface area, whereas a wider sink will require a larger vanity to support it.

#4 Compare Bathroom Vanity Materials for Size and Budget

When considering the style you have in mind for your bathroom vanity, you might already have a few ideas for the materials you’d like to use, whether it’s stone like marble or quartz, durable laminate or composite, or even a sealed wood. As these materials will come with their own requirements and costs, your choice of materials may influence the right size bathroom vanity for your lifestyle and budget.

#5 Examine Your Plumbing to Determine Bathroom Vanity Size and Style

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, consider how the right size bathroom vanity works with your existing plumbing. This starts with knowing where the connections are to the room. Your plumbing hookups may have to be reworked to fit your bathroom vanity, especially if it is floating or wall-mounted, and may determine the style and size of the vanity itself.

How to choose the right size bathroom vanity starts by considering how the piece will be used and carefully measuring your space. If you consider these five tips when selecting the right size bathroom vanity, you’ll be sure to create a beautifully designed and functional bathroom space.

Now that you have a better sense of what size vanity is right for your bathroom, it’s time to pick the perfect option! Stop into your local Zeeland Lumber & Supply showroom for a first-hand look at our most popular options, or talk to our Kitchen & Bath team for personalized design support.

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