Hosting parties is no small task. Whether you’re planning a graduation, family reunion or Fourth of July party, you need outdoor space and storage for your supplies. Custom outdoor cabinets provide weather-proof, stylish solutions that impress hosts and guests alike. A variety of options make it easy to bring the indoors outdoors for any celebration.

How to Elevate Your Space with Outdoor Cabinets

1. Outdoor Grill Cabinets

Avoid the back-and-forth of transporting utensils, spatulas and tongs from indoors to outdoors. Outdoor grill cabinets allow you to safely store your grilling accessories for easy access. Designed to resist weather and debris, your items remain clean and ready to use for any party.

2. Outdoor Bar Cabinets

Be ready to pour drinks at a moment’s notice with outdoor bar cabinets. With adequate protection and shelving, you can store glasses for beer, wine and mixed drinks. An outdoor bar area adds a touch of luxury to any celebration.

3. Outdoor TV Cabinets

Need to catch the big game? Entertain guests with outdoor TV cabinets that safeguard your device from the elements. What you put on the TV is up to you—but no matter what, outdoor screens serve as popular gathering places and talking points for guests.

4. Pool Storage Cabinets

No more pool noodles scattered in your yard. With custom outdoor cabinets, you can keep all your pool accessories—inflatables, vacuums, skimmers and more—stored away for a clean outdoor appearance. Plus, towels can be kept in your cabinets for quick access.

5. Tool Storage Cabinets

Part of preparing for guests is cleaning up. Consider organizing your tools or other miscellaneous items with custom outdoor cabinets. Shelving and drawer options can help you categorize items by type. When guests arrive, your outdoor space will look tidier than ever.

What Kind of Cabinets Can be Used Outside?

Custom outdoor cabinets are made with durable materials, such as stainless steel, PVC, heavy-duty aluminum, masonry or weather-resistant wood. To prevent corrosion from outdoor elements, outdoor cabinets receive a protective powder coating. Investing in high-quality outdoor cabinets ensures they maintain their rich color and appearance over time.

The options offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply are designed with premium materials, hardware and framing to deliver long-lasting performance. You can choose from several trusted manufacturers for custom outdoor cabinets or other decking needs, including NatureKast, Trex® and TimberTech. Our experts will partner with you to determine the best brands and materials for your outdoor space.

Party Planning? Choose Custom Outdoor Cabinets

Simplify the hosting experience and impress guests with first-rate custom outdoor cabinets. Contact Zeeland Lumber & Supply to receive a personalized quote.

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