Finishing and remodeling your basement can give your home much-needed additional living space. No matter what you’re remodeling for — more entertaining space, a new home office, or even a workout room — finishing the basement can do a lot to add value to your home. If you’ve been planning a basement remodel, but aren’t sure exactly what to include in your new space, here are 7 modern basement remodel ideas that can help you make the most of your new living space while adding value to your home.


01. Additional Living Room or Den


One of the most popular basement remodel ideas is converting the space into another living room or den space. There are many reasons this remains the most common way to remodel a basement. First, converting your basement into a warm, livable space can give your family the perfect place to relax at the end of a long day. The greater square footage of your basement typically provides more space for the whole family to gather than you might have in a smaller living room upstairs. 

Next, this basement remodel idea can also help you free up space in your upstairs floor plan. When you make your new basement living room the place to gather, you can easily convert upstairs space to function better for your family. And finally, when you convert your basement into a living room or den, you’re making a smart choice for the future value of your home. A finished basement is attractive to any new buyer, and a living room space is easy for the next owner to configure to best fit their lifestyle.


02. Guest Room or Studio


Another popular basement remodel idea is to convert the basement space into a guest room or private studio. This is a modern basement remodel idea that’s growing in popularity because of its versatility. When your basement remodel is complete, you can use that studio in the way that best suits your family’s current needs. If an aging parent is living with you, the studio gives them their own space to call home. A guest studio or room is also a great option for teens looking for a bit more independence, or even to rent out as an Airbnb for a little extra income. 


03. Entertainment Space


If you love hosting friends and family, use your basement remodel to your advantage! A great basement remodel idea is to create an entertainment space complete with a wet bar, plenty of seating, and even a walk-out patio where your guests can enjoy the warm weather. If you love to cook, you may even consider having a second kitchen in this new space. If you’re a big pool player or need space for that foosball table, your basement is the perfect spot to put them. With plenty of space for food, games, and seating, your home will always be the first place your friends want to gather. 


04. Wine Cellar


Are you a wine buff? Have a large collection, or want to collect, but don’t have the space? Convert your basement into a beautiful wine cellar. This is a modern basement remodel idea that many homeowners are starting to incorporate. The cooler nature of the basement makes it an ideal space to house your wine, and it’s easy to incorporate the temperature controls and design elements you love in a big, open basement that you can configure however you like. 


05. Home Gym


Whether you’re tired of paying for a gym membership, or you just prefer to have your own workout space right downstairs, including a home gym is a modern basement remodel idea. Opt for rubber floor mats, install a few mirrors, and order the equipment you like most. A home gym is a simple basement remodel idea that can be done relatively quickly to help you stay healthy, and it’s also a feature that many new home buyers like to see. 


06. Home Office


More and more people are working from home these days. If you spend more days working from your laptop than you do working at the office, it’s worth it to invest in a space of your own. Remodeling your basement to become your home office is a great way to ensure you have a quiet spot to get work done. You don’t need to leave the house, but you can close the door to tune out whatever is happening upstairs and get a few things accomplished. 


07. Playroom


Feel like your home is overrun by toys? Remodel your basement into a playroom! Most basements have more than enough space to accommodate your little ones (and even a few of their friends), they just need to be freshened up. Remodeling your basement into a playroom is a great way to keep kids, and their many toys, contained. Keep it simple with a bit of carpet and a few fresh coats of paint, or go all out like the image above and build a true playhouse that doubles as a bunk bed for sleepovers!

We hope these 7 modern basement remodel ideas give you the inspiration you need to get started on your project. Whether you’ve decided to finish the basement for an entertainment space or for guest space, Zeeland Lumber & Supply has all of the materials and resources you need to make it happen. Leave us a message online or stop into one of our many locations to talk directly with an expert about your project.

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