When you’re remodeling a home or designing it from scratch, interior trim is one of the design elements you’ll need to take into consideration. Although trim takes up minimal space in a room, it can have a massive impact on the overall appearance of a space. There are many different types of interior trim to choose from, and we’re here to help you decide!

What Is Interior Trim?

Interior trim consists of pieces of wood or other materials that surround windows and doors or run along the floors and ceilings on the inside of homes. Trim usually covers gaps between transitions in building materials or covers up any imperfections between the walls, floors, and ceilings and creates a seamless look.

The terms trim and moulding are often used interchangeably, but moulding is actually a type of trim. Trim is a general term for edging material, and moulding is a more grand, decorative version of interior trim.

8 Types of Interior Trim for Your Home

There are many types of interior trim and interior moulding that can be used in your home. Here at Zeeland Lumber & Supply, our experienced professionals are here to help you choose the best option to compliment your home’s aesthetic.

As you begin exploring the world of interior trims, look at these popular options below!

1. Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is an angled piece of trim that covers the corner between the wall and ceiling. This moulding comes in an array of sizes, but as a general rule of thumb, wider pieces of crown moulding are considered more formal and smaller, more delicate pieces with fewer ridges are more casual and modem.

2. Door Casing

Door casing is a type of trim that creates a frame around a doorway. It hides the framing pieces and hardware that was used to install the door. It can be mitered (two edges are cut on a diagonal to meet at a 45-degree angle, creating a 90-degree corner) or used with straight-cut pieces.

3. Window Casing

Similar to door casing, window casing creates a frame around the perimeter of a window and covers any gaps or imperfections. Window casing is mainly used for decorative purposes and typically matches the door casing in the same room.

4. Baseboards

Baseboards are a type of interior trim that bridges the gap between walls and the floor. You could opt for something simple to compliment a modern home or install baseboards that are several inches high and make a statement.

5. Chair Railing

Chair railing is a unique type of interior trim that sits on a wall horizontally. It’s typically hung at the height of a chairback – hence the name. Chair rails were initially used to protect the plaster from dings from chairs that got pushed back against the wall, but today it’s primarily used for decoration. Incorporating a chair railing is an excellent option if you want to elevate a formal dining room.

6. Wainscoting

Have you ever seen a room with paneling covering the wall’s lower half? This is called wainscoting. Originally used to waterproof and protect the lower half of plaster walls, wainscoting is used primarily for style today. You can opt for decorative paneling that contrasts in color with the rest of the walls, or have it be the same color to make the texture stand out.

7. Panel Moulding

Panel moulding consists of ridged trim pieces put together to create frames. Then, the frames are placed on the wall to simulate the look of raised panels. It can be added to wainscoting to incorporate more dimension or create a look similar to wainscoting. With panel interior moulding, you can create a wide array of patterns on your walls.

8. Shiplap Paneling

Shiplap paneling has become increasingly popular in recent years. It consists of broad, flat boards placed right next to each other horizontally on a wall. Shiplap is a fantastic choice if you want to add a statement wall to a room but don’t want to paint it an outlandish color.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home a Notch

If you’re looking to switch up a space in your home, adding interior moulding or various types of interior trim could make all the difference. Contact us at Zeeland Lumber & Supply to discover our top-notch products that will take your home to the next level.

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