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Andersen Windows and Doors has been innovating better window and door solutions for more than 115 years. Their products have long been recognized as the gold standard for the industry, offering exceptional durability and performance. Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to make Andersen’s numerous collections of sustainable, energy efficient windows and doors available to our clients.

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Why Choose Andersen Windows and Doors?



Andersen Windows and Doors has a long-standing reputation as a manufacturer who offers exceptional service to each and every client, and who stands solidly behind their product. Here are a few reasons we love carrying Andersen Products at Zeeland Lumber & Supply:

Andersen Windows made of Wood


115 years of innovation has given Andersen Windows and Doors a leg up on the competition. They regularly develop new, innovative window and door solutions that offer the best performance on the market.

Their unique Fibrex material, a sustainable combination of recycled and reclaimed wood and vinyl, is one of the highest performing manufactured window and door materials offered at an affordable price. Regardless of which Andersen Window or Door collection you choose, you’re guaranteed the highest quality product on the market.

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Andersen Windows made of Vinyl


Andersen takes great care to implement sustainable solutions throughout their business. Everything they do, from sourcing materials to manufacturing to installing products in local communities, is done with attention to and care for the environment.

In 2018, Andersen received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for Sustained Excellence. When you invest in Andersen products, you’re investing in a company with an eye towards a better, cleaner future.

Andersen Windows wood door options

Guaranteed Performance

Andersen is well known for their exceptional product warranties. Their most famous is the Owner-to-Owner warranty, which is transferable should you sell your home. Andersen product warranties protect your window or door investment and help add value to your home — a benefit you’re unlikely to find from other manufacturers.

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Zeeland Lumber & Supply’s Andersen Window and Door Selections:

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to offer a full selection of Andersen Windows and Doors. We offer window and door options from each of their collections, all designed for different tastes, styles, and investment levels. Here’s a basic outline of each available Andersen window and door collection:

Andersen E-Series Doors & Windows

E-Series Doors & Windows

The Andersen E-Series windows and doors are a part of the brand’s Architectural Collection, which offers the absolute best in quality, color, and performance. E-Series windows and doors are made from Andersen’s unique maintenance-free aluminum.

Their unique process of extruding aluminum during manufacturing ensures that the product is stronger and thicker than most other aluminum windows and doors, and guarantees a virtually maintenance-free exterior. Andersen E-Series windows and doors offer the highest quality performance, in any color and shape you can imagine.

Andersen A-Series Doors & Windows

A-Series Doors & Windows

Andersen’s A-Series is a totally customizable line of windows and doors made from a variety of materials. Most of the series comes with fiberglass and composite exteriors that protect beautiful interior wood species, but the beauty of the A-Series comes in its customizability.

Choose the color, interior wood, stain, shape, and size that best suits your project. Designed alongside architects, windows and doors in this line are crafted for architectural authenticity.

Andersen 400 Series Doors & Windows

400 Series Doors & Windows

The 400 Series is Andersen’s most popular line of windows and doors. Classic, wood craftsmanship and quality engineering blend to bring you the best in overall performance and style, for any window or door you might need.

When you choose a 400 Series window or door, you’ll receive a product that features beautiful, low-maintenance vinyl exteriors to protect against water damage, and beautiful natural pine, or prefinished white, dark bronze, or black interiors. From there, you’re able to choose the hardware, finish, grill pattern and glass options that suit you best.

Andersen 200 Series Doors & Windows

200 Series Doors & Windows

Andersen’s 200 Series offers the absolute best value in wood windows and doors. 200 Series products feature wood protected by Perma-Shield vinyl exteriors to ensure the quality of your windows and doors for years to come. This series offers clear pine or white interior finishes, and 200 Series windows feature narrow profiles that let more natural light into your home.

Andersen 100 Series Doors & Windows

100 Series Doors & Windows

The 100 Series makes use of Andersen’s innovative Fibrex composite material for an affordable, sustainable alternative to vinyl. Fibrex is twice as strong as vinyl and provides the same low-maintenance qualities homeowners love for a clean, energy-efficient option that’s perfect for any home. 100 Series windows and doors are available in a number of interior and exterior colors, and they won’t rot, chip, flake, or fade over time.

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