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Chosen as the #1 Builder Brand Leader of 2019, Azek Exteriors is well-known in the industry for supplying durable, beautiful, and flexible exterior products that deliver the superior quality your customers are looking for. The leading brand for engineered polymer exterior products, when you choose Azek Exteriors, you know you’re getting a product that’s guaranteed to resist the tests of time and weather. Zeeland Lumber & Supply is excited to partner with Azek Exteriors to bring you their standout line of exterior trim boards.

Why Choose Azek Exteriors?

As the leading name for manufactured exterior products, there’s no doubting Azek’s presence in the industry. But what has made Azek and its products stand out from the rest of the market, and why would you choose Azek trim boards over other options? Here are just a few of the reasons we’re proud to partner with and promote Azek trim boards.

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Consistent Quality

Azek trim boards are manufactured using engineered polymer. This polymer is developed to produce a consistent structural density that makes milling easy. Every Azek Trim product offers continuously smooth surfaces and precise, sealed edges on all four sides. This dedication to manufacturing detail ensures that every Azek trim board features a uniform aesthetic throughout and continuously smooth surfaces that offer the clean, sophisticated look your customers want.


Because Azek trim boards are made from engineered polymer, they will not rot, splinter, split, delaminate, or warp. The material does not require staining or sealing because it is water-resistant, and its polymer makeup renders it unattractive to insects that would destroy other trim materials. Azek trim boards are non-porous, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. They can be installed anywhere on a home, come in contact with concrete, soil, or sod, and retain their quality for years to come. This exceptional durability is a key feature making Azek products so attractive to consumers, and the company’s Lifetime Limited Warranty ensures that any investment in Azek products is well protected.

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Azek trim boards are designed with the construction professional in mind. Their engineered polymer makeup ensures they are easy to mill, shape, and apply using standard woodworking tools. Easily route and cut this material without chipping, and fasten close to the edges without worrying about splitting or needing to pre-drill. Best of all, Azek products can be creatively shaped into curves and other shapes with heat-forming tools. 

Beauty & Performance

Azek trim boards are manufactured in a crisp semi-matte white that’s sure to add beauty to any home or project. Many of their trim options can also be painted to accommodate any exterior color palette, and all Azek trim boards are protected by UV inhibitors that help resist fading or yellowing. And, because all Azek products are sealed on all four sides, they’re easy to clean, ensuring any home or building looks brand-new for years to come. 

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Azek Trim Board Products offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is excited to bring a wide range of Azek’s trim board products to our clients. Every Azek trim board comes with two finish options: smooth Traditional and woodgrain Frontier. For ultimate convenience, some trim board product lines are reversible, featuring the woodgrain finish on one side, and the smooth finish on the other. Here’s a look at the variety of Azek trim board products we’re offering.

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Classic Azek Trim

Azek’s signature trim line, their Classic trim is beautiful and long-lasting. Offering you an easily workable and durable product, Azek Trim is the perfect replacement for traditional wood trim in non-stress and non-load bearing applications because it is non-porous, water-resistant, unappetizing to insects, and exceptionally durable. It’s also easy to mill, route, and heat form for custom looks or curved applications. Classic Azek trim in Traditional finish is smooth on both sides, and Classic Azek trim in Frontier finish is reversible — featuring one woodgrain side, and one smooth side. 

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Azek Trim with Paint Pro Technology

For the customer seeking custom solutions, choose Azek Trim with PaintPro Technology. A revolutionary development in cellular PVC trim, this line of Azek trim can be painted without primer, and dries and can be handled 30 minutes after painting. Featuring all of the same benefits as Azek’s Classic trim, Azek Trim with Paint Pro Technology is still high-performance and low-maintenance, but it’s been developed for superior paintability that saves you time and money on installation. Azek trim with PaintPro technology won’t rot, crack, warp, or chip, and is reversible, featuring one smooth side, and one woodgrain finished side. 

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Azek Rabbetet Trim

Azek has built its line of trim boards and trim products with the professional in mind. They are constantly innovating products that make your job easier and increase the efficiency of your installation. Azek Rabbeted Trim is one such development. Designed with rabbeted edges, this line of one-piece trim board is designed to deliver a crisp facade without the typical hassle. This product is easy and efficient to install and offers your clients the clean finish they’ve been looking for. Azek Rabbeted Trim is available in both the smooth Traditional and woodgrain Frontier finishes. 

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Flanges Slotted Window Trim

A window’s trim is integral to the lifespan and durability of the window itself. Azek has developed a unique line of trim boards, their Flange Slotted Window Trim, to offer you a long-lasting window trim option that delivers in durability and water-resistance, without adding time to your installation. Azek Flange Slotted Window Trim has a relief milled into the back of the most common window surround profiles to accommodate a window’s nailing flange. This means you don’t have to shim or pull back the nailing fin to get the trim to lay flat. Azek Flange Slotted Window Trim is designed to reduce any extra work to create beautiful, durable window surrounds. Available in both Rabbeted and Standard profile and with either Traditional or Frontier finish. 


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