At Zeeland Lumber & Supply, we take our product inventory seriously. We only carry the best items from brands we trust, and Glenview Doors® definitely makes the cut. Read on to discover what makes this brand so special. 

Who Is Glenview Doors®?

At Glenview Doors®, it’s their philosophy that “the finest homes deserve the finest wooden entries.” Their signature product lines offer the stunning appearance of solid wood doors but with long-lasting performance and a great price point. 

Glenview Doors® uses advanced European technology, top-notch materials, and artisan craftsmanship to develop high-quality wooden doors that are truly in a league of their own. They offer interior and exterior doors in a range of styles to fit any home’s aesthetic. If you’re looking for a unique product, this is where you’ll find one.

Collections From Glenview Doors®

No matter what style of wood door you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it with Glenview Doors®. They have an extensive inventory featuring various collections to suit any homeowner’s style or needs.

The current door collections offered by Glenview Doors® include:

  • Classic Doors
  • Modern Doors
  • Pivot Doors
  • Aluminum Clad Wood Entry Doors
  • Pivot Doors with Aluminum Cladding 
  • Steel Glass Doors

Classic Glenview Doors®

The Classic Collection features wood front doors with archetypal designs. The designers focus the natural beauty of high-end wood grains by using top-of-the-line stains and techniques. 

Each door is custom-made with elegant elements to match a wide array of styles. Whether you want a two-panel door with elaborate moldings or glass doors with leaded patterns, you’ll find it in the Classic Collection. 

Modern Glenview Doors®

The Glenview Modern Collection is designed in Europe and reflects the cherished skills of the area’s experienced fine artisans, paired with today’s technology. The collection offers a wide range of custom veneers, glass designs, and wood finishes to match any home’s individual style.  

Pivot Glenview Doors®

Glenview’s Pivot Doors rotate on a hinge that features a set of pins mounted on the top and bottom of the door. This allows for large, expansive doors that can’t be supported by traditional hinges – usually at least 42 inches wide. While this type of door might not be suitable for every home, it offers a modern aesthetic that someowners are seeking. 

Aluminum Clad Wood Entry Doors

If you’re seeking a door that requires little maintenance and offers superior protection, while having the beautiful appearance of a wood door, consider purchasing an Aluminum Clad Wood Entry door from Glenview. Natural wood is susceptible to weather conditions and can easily be damaged, but this collection is made using modern European technology, so you can be assured that your door will stand up against the test of time. 

Pivot Aluminum Clad Wood Entry Doors

If the Aluminum Clad Wood Entry doors from Glenview appeal to you, but you’re looking for something larger, they’ve got you covered! Take a look at their Pivot Aluminum Clad Wood Entry door collection. It features modern, oversized wood pivot doors that are covered with aluminum cladding. Standing at eight feet tall and five feet wide, these doors are sure to make a statement. 

Steel Glass Doors

Are you interested in one-of-a-kind custom interior steel glass doors? This collection is crafted with narrow stiles and rails, which complement any contemporary home. They add an element of openness to any home while maintaining a definitive architectural style. They also manufacture matching glass walls, which are perfect for dividing rooms in a new, interesting way.  

Invest in Glenview Doors® With Zeeland Lumber & Supply 

When you’re ready to take your home’s design up a notch, Zeeland Lumber & Supply is here for all your needs. We carry top-of-the-line products from high-quality brands, such as Glenview Doors®. If you’re in need of door solutions, we’d love to help. Give us a call todayl

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