Zeeland Lumber & Supply’s Brand Spotlight Series was developed to highlight our partners who are innovative, creative, and dedicated to the continuous improvement of their service and quality of materials. 


This month we’re featuring an industry leader in engineered wood and other building products, LP Building Solutions. We’re proud to partner with this company because they manufacture high-quality products, develop superior lumber protection technology, and are constantly striving for innovation. Companies in this decade are being challenged to meet the changing needs of the building industry, and LP Building Solutions is answering the call and spearheading that change.


Who Is LP Building Solutions?

LP Building Solutions is a company based in Nashville, TN, that is well-known for its work inventing and manufacturing high-quality building products and solutions. They have contributed to the field in great ways, from the development of innovative products like LP SmartSide siding and trim, Legacy Premium sub-flooring, FlameBlock fire-rated sheathing, and more. 

With over 40 years of experience with wood and lumber, LP Building Solutions is tried and tested, the go-to source for builders, contractors, architects, engineers, and DIY homeowners. They’re at the forefront of building product technology and engineered lumber products for outdoor use.


What Does LP Building Solutions Make?

LP Building Solutions makes a variety of high-quality building products, from sub-flooring to I-joists, but we are particularly excited about their exterior finishes with SmartSide siding and trim.

Customizable Siding Styles

SmartSide by LP Building Solutions is a siding option made of beautiful engineered wood that comes pre-primed, designed to adhere to paint for optimal and even coverage. ExpertFinish SmartSide siding is available in 16 different colors and styles if you want to skip this step. ExpertFinish uses acrylic latex paint that is guaranteed to maintain its vibrant color for years.

SmartSide comes in a variety of style options, from lap siding to panel and vertical siding. They also make trim and fascia with SmartSide technology for seamless exterior design. Your clients will appreciate the LP Building Solutions Home Visualizer tool, enabling them see which color and style would work best for their home’s exterior.

Advanced Protection Technology

SmartSide uses engineered wood technology to make siding more durable, attractive, and easier to use. The siding is manufactured using an oriented strand board (OSB), known for its strength, light weight, and green binding options. Each board can be ordered to lengths up to 16 feet and comes from the mill ready for immediate use.

SmartSide is a more durable engineered option than traditional lumber siding but is just as easy to work with and cut. It also requires much less maintenance to keep it looking great once it’s installed. LP Building Solutions has created its engineered wood product using SmartGuard technology, making it extremely resistant to moisture and pests, as well as less susceptible to breaking, cracking, or chipping.

Guaranteed Durability

SmartSide products were designed to handle tough weather. They protect your home from the elements while maintaining an attractive finish that is resistant to wear and weathering. SmartSide is made to handle temperature changes and hold strong throughout the freeze and thaw cycles of seasonal change. They are so confident in their product’s durability, they include an industry-leading 5/50 limited warranty that covers extreme damage from fungal or termite infestation, hail damage up to 1.75 inches in diameter, and structural deficiencies like cracking, peeling, or chipping.


What Makes LP Building Solutions Innovative?

LP Building Solutions is an industry leader in product innovation. Their engineered wood products offer better strength and durability than traditional lumber while maintaining the beauty and integrity of natural wood. They pioneered the production of oriented strand board (OSB) products in the US after its invention in the 70s, and continue to find better and more efficient ways to design, manufacture, and build. LP Building Solutions is responsible for cutting edge technology that makes wood moisture resistant, flame retardant, and more versatile than traditional lumber products.


Why We Work with LP Building Solutions

We love working with LP Building Solutions because their high-quality products are top-of-the-line in our industry. Their superior technology and innovation make them an invaluable resource to many building professionals. Their products make our jobs easier and save homeowners money, time, and hassle. 

Plus, SmartSide siding is protected with a warranty that covers extreme weather events like large hail, as well as pests, mold, and structural damage.

LP Building Solutions offers some of the best lumber and building materials on the market. At Zeeland Lumber & Supply we’re proud to offer a complete line of LP Building Solution products to our clients. For more information about their products, and how to order, give us a call at 888-772-2119 or leave us a message online today!

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