As a custom home builder, you’re always keeping an eye out for new building and design trends, as well as the brands that support those trends and keep you on the cutting edge.

Your customers want finishes and selections that feel truly custom so they get the home they’ve always dreamed of. You have to keep up on those brands and trends so you can offer the best of what the industry has to offer to your clients. If you’re looking for new, great brands to set your custom homes apart from the competition, check out a few of our most recent, on-trend favorites:

Eclipse Cabinetry for Trending European-Style Cabinets

European kitchens are in these days. The minimalist style is experiencing a resurgence, and people are loving home designs that feel Scandinavian — clean and crisp, but with textures and pops of color that make a house feel like home.

Eclipse Cabinetry, by Shiloh, is offering the perfect design solution to that new consumer trend with their beautiful, sleek frameless cabinetry. Offering more storage space, with a distinctly modern, European design, this is a trend that’s just now taking off. Your custom home clients will love to see these cabinets on their list of selection options.

Cambria Countertops

While marble and granite used to rule the world of countertops, consumers are quickly moving past that trend. Marble and granite are in demand today, certainly, but the engineered stone is quickly taking over the number one spot in the market. Consumers love the look, plus the durability that an engineered stone or quartz can provide. No maintenance, and no worries of weathering, cracking, or color fade, it’s a multi-functional option that homeowners can’t resist. And Cambria is offering the top-of-the-line selections. Not only is their product high quality, but this is also another example of a company that is producing so much in the way of options. With colors and textures of every kind, your custom home client is sure to find a Cambria selection that suits their taste, whether it’s traditional or bold.

Andersen Architectural Collection for Custom, One-of-a-Kind Window Solutions

Custom home owners want custom solutions — you know that better than anyone. Andersen Windows has been around for a while, and their Architectural Collection of custom offerings are unparalleled in the industry. The collection’s E-Series offers totally custom windows, from custom shapes to dramatic window sizes. The collection’s A-Series offers the very best in architectural windows and energy efficiency, giving custom homeowners beautiful windows that add drama to their home, without sacrificing durability or quality. From triple pane glass that’s tested to withstand hurricane-force winds to custom wood interiors and stains, Andersen’s Architectural Collection offers the signature look, customizability, and functionality that your custom home clients want.

CertainTeed For A Range of Attractive Exterior Siding Options

Nothing says custom home more than a unique, eye-catching exterior that adds major curb appeal. And, let’s face it, your custom home clients want options. CertainTeed is an exceptional manufacturer of exterior siding, especially for custom home builders as they offer an exhaustive selection of siding options. From board & batten to cedar shake to high-end vertical and horizontal vinyl plank siding, there’s nothing CertainTeed doesn’t offer. If it’s options your custom home clients want, CertainTeed delivers.

LP Smartside For Composite Siding in Custom Colors

Custom homeowners want the best of the best. When vinyl won’t cut it, choose LP Smartside. A lightweight composite siding, LP’s engineered wood options are beautiful, durable, and easy for you to install. LP offers an extensive variety of siding colors and finishes, from lap siding to shingles and shakes, many of which feature a natural wood grain for the luxury exterior look your clients love. The LP Smartside line is well known as one of the most durable siding solutions on the market offering custom color and finishes making it an easy choice for your custom home clients.

Koetter Woodworking for Handcrafted Architectural Elements

HGTV has made it clear that homeowners of any variety love a bit of character. Crown molding, hand-milled mantles, and intricate staircase details add luxury and vintage charm to any home, even one that’s just been built. For your custom home clients who love the historic feel of those hand-crafted touches, turn to Koetter. Again, the sheer variety of selections is sure to dazzle. From crown and picture molding to shiplap and tongue and groove paneling, Koetter Woodworking offers the architectural elements your custom homeowners crave.

As a custom home builder, you have to stay up on the latest consumer trends for building and design. That means knowing what your clients like, and what brands deliver those products. Zeeland Lumber & Supply works hard to be your resource, making it easy to find the luxury brands and products your clients want the most.

If you’re looking for on-trend selections and finishes that set your custom homes apart from the competition, be sure to talk to your Zeeland Lumber & Supply representative, give us a call at 888-772-2119, contact us online, or just stop into one of our Midwest locations to see how we can best help you!

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