CAMO Fasteners

CAMO Fasteners help people build better decks by making the process fast, simple, and with lasting results. The brand is known for their hidden deck clips and edge screws, the LEVER board-bender, and the CAMO DRIVE which allows the builder to fasten boards while standing, up to 5x faster than other methods.

CAMO launched as a specialized decking brand in 2011. Since then, they have been leading innovation for deck-building tools and supplies like clips, screws, and guides. Zeeland Lumber is proud to offer CAMO products to our customers.

Advantages of CAMO Fasteners

When you use CAMO fastening products, your decking jobs get faster, easier, and better. CAMO products save time and can be used for a variety of different materials and project types, making them a valuable and cost-effective investment.

CAMO Fasteners

Time-Saving Tools

CAMO tools, fasteners, and attachments such as DRIVE and LEVER can help you complete your decking jobs 5x faster. Their hidden deck clips can be installed in half the time of traditional methods, with no pre-installation required. Whether you’re a homeowner eager to start enjoying your newly completed deck, or a professional ready to move onto your next project, CAMO products can help you get the job done easier, faster, and better. 


Intuitive Design

CAMO products are easy to use, and come with everything you need to get the job done. Tools like the CAMO DRIVE and the LEVER board-bender are intuitive and easy to learn with no professional training or experience required. 

CAMO products are great for professionals and DIYers alike because they are compatible with the equipment you already own. All tools, materials, and accessories can be used with your own drill. You can adapt and upgrade the tools you’re familiar with to make your work more effective.


Comfortable for the User

CAMO designs their tools with the user in mind. CAMO tools like the DRIVE drill attachment adapt your tools so you can build a deck while standing, saving your back, knees and arms from strain. CAMO’s products are ergonomic, adjustable, and easy to use. When you can do the job with less effort, you can do the job faster, saving time and money on your deck-building projects.

Versatile Material Compatibility

The amount of projects that can use CAMO products is unlimited. Exterior screws and clips work well for any decking type. CAMO EdgeClips can be used for 90-degree board installation while EdgeXClips are perfectly suited for angular installation patterns and on double joists. CAMO also makes Starter Clips to begin and finish grooved-board decking patterns seamlessly.

CAMO Fasteners
CAMO Fasteners

Stronger than Competing Brands 

CAMO products are built tough. Their deck clips have the strongest lateral power you can find on the market— 88% stronger than those of leading competitors. If you want to build a heavy-duty deck that will last, CAMO deck clips are what you need for a hardy and well-built project. 

In addition, CAMO’s collated face screws and collated or hand drive Edge screws are designed to penetrate the board without splitting. They are perfect for use with softwood, hardwood, composite, and PVC, and come backed with a CAMO warranty.

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Why Choose CAMO Fasteners?

We partner with CAMO fasteners because of their industry experience and innovation, available warranties, and compatibility with leading deck materials. 


Trusted Experience

As part of the National Nail family, which enjoys over 70 years of experience, CAMO provides a specialized focus on decking expertise. They understand what problems builders face and know how to improve their jobs without sacrificing quality.

Product Innovation

CAMO products work to make your decking projects easier and faster. They believe anyone can become proficient at building decks with the right equipment. That’s why they design products that can be used by anyone and can fit the tools they already have. CAMO innovation is bringing better deck-building equipment to professionals and the average homeowner.

Brand Compatibility

CAMO fasteners work for different hardwoods, treated lumber and synthetic materials. Their products are compatible with all leading deck board manufacturers including Trex, TimberTech, AZEK, Fiberon, and more. 

Workmanship Guaranteed 

CAMO’s clips, screws, fasteners, and tools are all guaranteed with a CAMO warranty. They are confident their products will hold up for long-term use with any decking material, but for your peace of mind, your tools are warranty-protected.

CAMO Fasteners construction

CAMO Offerings by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Hidden Deck Clips

Hidden Deck Clips 

CAMO EdgeClips, EdgeXClips and Starter Clips are easy to use, faster to install, and stronger than traditional deck clips. They can be installed in one pass with no pre-installation required. With superior corrosion resistance and the CAMO product guarantee, these deck clips are the best choice for your long-lasting decking project.



CAMO’s LEVER tools can speed up your deck installation process by correcting warped boards with a simple single-turn lock. This extra-strength accessory can straighten any board or joist and can help you lock in boards and clips. CAMO recommends using two or three LEVER tools for optimal efficiency.



The cordless DRIVE stand-up tool is a fastening system that allows you to install decking quickly and efficiently while standing. It’s fully adjustable with a quick-loading feature and works with three fastening techniques: edge, clip, and face fastening. The CAMO DRIVE tool doesn’t depend on a brand-specific drill, it can attach to the equipment you already own, and comes with all the necessary driver bits and fastening guides.

CAMO Exterior Screws

CAMO Exterior Screws

CAMO’s exterior screws are made to endure the elements with strength and integrity. They make deck, trim, collated, and structural screws that are all ACQ-compatible and guaranteed to last. CAMO’s screws can be used with any decking material or brand.

CAMO Accessories

CAMO Accessories

All CAMO tools come with the tools you need to use them with maximum efficiency. The Never-Miss guide is a small, bright yellow plastic guide that comes with every pail of EdgeClips and EdgeXClips. Despite its size, it can save your project crucial time by ensuring a perfect bit to screw connection every time.

Give Zeeland Lumber a call to find about our CAMO products in stock or stop into our showroom for all of your decking materials and tools.

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