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Discovered in 1941, Styrofoam Brand Insulation has since been a favorite in building construction. Styrofoam insulation boards offer superior insulation, meeting core thermal, air, moisture, and vapor requirements through its unique construction. Zeeland Lumber & Supply is glad to bring this innovative solution to our clients in the construction industry.

Benefits of Styrofoam Brand Products

Styrofoam Brand offers a number of products suited to a variety of different building applications. Though each product solves a different construction challenge, all Styrofoam Brand products provide similar benefits, making the brand a top name in the industry. Here are just a few of the reasons our clients are always asking for Styrofoam Brand rigid foam board insulation:

Insulating Power

Styrofoam Brand products are made from closed-cell foam, where bubbles within the foam are completely separated from each other and totally enclosed. This construction ensures that moisture and air is unable to flow from one cell to another, making it an exceptional insulator. Styrofoam Brand products’ unique construction offers a very high R-Value for any building project, with little to no insulating loss over time.

Moisture Resistance

Styrofoam Brand’s unique construction means it does not allow for moisture penetration. Closed cells don’t allow water to transfer through the insulation, meaning this is an exceptional product for any home or building, and especially those in high-risk areas for severe weather and wet climates that are prone to mold. 


Styrofoam Brand insulation can be used in virtually any building project. Again, the brand has developed a number of unique solutions for different applications, but Styrofoam insulation can be used for load-bearing and non-load bearing walls. Styrofoam Cavitymate can be used in block-backed and steel stud cavity wall applications. No matter which product line you choose, the benefit of Styrofoam is that it can be used virtually anywhere. 

Durability and Strength

One of the key benefits of rigid foam board like Styrofoam is its exceptional durability. This is a product that will last for decades while continuing to provide optimal R-value. Because of Styrofoam Brand products’ unique construction, wind and water cannot penetrate the insulation, ensuring it lasts for years to come. What’s more, Styrofoam Brand’s serious compressive strength ensures you don’t have to worry about any breakdowns or damage during installation.

Ease of Installation

Styrofoam Brand products are designed with the builder in mind. Rigid boards are easy to handle and easy to install, requiring just common building tools and equipment to put up. Because of their lightweight, Styrofoam boards are fast to install and require minimal hands. 

Long-term Value

What matters most to you and your customers is value. Styrofoam Brand products are available at an affordable upfront cost, and they offer long-term value. With high-tech construction, the quality insulation that Styrofoam rigid boards provide ensure that property owners see yearly savings in energy efficiency. 

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Styrofoam Brand Products Offered By Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Zeeland Lumber & Supply carries a full range of Styrofoam Brand products. Whether you’re building a commercial, residential, or multi-family project, we have the Styrofoam Brand products you need. 

Cavitymate Insulation

Designed specifically for cavity walls, Styrofoam Cavitymate is conveniently sized to fit between wall ties. Built to resist and prevent moisture from forming in cavity walls, this is an ideal product to help your buildings achieve even higher insulating power in cavity walls. 

Cladmate Insulation

A versatile, moisture-resistant insulation with high compressive strength, Styrofoam Cladmate is designed specifically for use in wet cavity wall environments in commercial applications. This product is highly moisture resistant with 20 psi compressive strength to suit even the toughest cavity wall applications.

Deckmate Insulation

Designed for low-slope commercial roofs, Deckmate works to protect rooftops from the elements. A full-scope solution, Deckmate resists moisture and freeze-thaw impacts, eliminating the need for a thermal barrier. 

Duramate Insulation

For residential home construction, Duramate is the solution for applications where foam sheathing is fastened to frame walls. Strong and durable, Duramate provides a moisture-resistant barrier for new homes. 

Perimate Insulation

The insulation you need for basement walls, Perimate Insulation is a lightweight, durable system that provides moisture-resistant protection. Perimate works to protect the basement wall’s water membrane while also directing water drainage away from a home’s foundation.

Wallmate Insulation

Specifically designed to keep basements comfortable, Wallmate Insulation is a Styrofoam Brand foam rigid board with a unique slotted edge that works to keep basement walls insulated from the inside. Built to place directly on masonry, Wallmate is designed to accommodate a wood nailing strip between the insulation boards, making it easy to install. 

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