We are fortunate at Zeeland Lumber & Supply to have incredible employees from all walks of life, with unique skills, and each with their own gifts. This is what makes Zeeland Lumber a wonderful place to work and build strong teams to serve our customers.

Jack Lovat from our Maverick Building Systems business in Commerce Township, MI joined us in November 2017 in the saw room. Since that time Jack has enthusiastically jumped in to help wherever he can. He’s picked lumber, built trusses, worked as a truss stacker, plowed snow without being asked, and volunteered to be our key safety advocate.

Jack has learned our business from the ground up learning everything that he could to seek more opportunities for personal growth. He recently received his Alpine software certification and has moved into our design department.

Jack’s first design project was for one of our clients, Marlowe. He designed the project from the ground up and even then went above and beyond. While he was designing the project, Jack picked some batches of lumber, operated two saws, jumped onto our truss tables to help build a run of 14 30 foot trusses. He smiles throughout every project even when he is handling simple tasks like stacking or banding trusses.

Jack has taught us all some valuable lessons. His willingness to jump in to assist his team, his pride in his work, sharing his enthusiasm with a smile on his face, and putting the customer first is what makes Jack a leader.

It has been enlightening to watch Jack grow and see his passion for design and everything triangles. When he started with us, last November he didn’t know much about trusses or our business. Now he is a leader at Maverick and handles projects independently with pride.

We all want to have a team full of Jacks to inspire, encourage, and empower others. We are lucky to have experienced Jack’s gifts that enabled him to shine. Do you have any Jacks in your business?

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