Prefabricated wall panels, roof trusses, and floor trusses provide a wealth of benefits for multi-family and single family professionals. Whether you’re building custom homes, production homes, or multi-family units these manufactured components enable you to complete projects in today’s challenging environment by delivering value, efficiency, quality, and addressing labor constraints. Here’s how these prefabricated structures will benefit both your company and your clients:

Addressing labor shortages and keeping your jobs on schedule

Using manufactured wall and floor components means you have control over any market labor shortages and you can continue to efficiently install the critical portions of your building. Instead of waiting for labor teams to become available, you have customized solutions to continue to bring projects to completion on time. You are able to continue to focus on the overall project without the worry of finding skilled crews to build.

Save time and use lean practices

Using manufactured floor and wall panels means you’ve already cut out several steps of the construction process before the units are even delivered to the job site. Putting up these manufactured units takes less manpower, and less skilled labor, than framing and building the walls and floors on-site, and it takes significantly less time, which is less labor cost and time wasted.

They’re created in a controlled environment

The fact that these prefabricated components are created in the controlled environment of a manufacturing facility means several things in terms of benefits to the builder. The biggest of these is that the components are free from the effects of weather, which can be devastating to wood and can cause numerous problems for the homeowners or building occupants down the road. They are custom built to your specifications with value engineering and you have dedicated partners to support you throughout the process.

They’re created according to your schedule

These components can be efficiently built when you need them by skilled professionals even when you have an unexpected rush in your project timeline. You will meet deadlines and we take the stress out of how you can bring the product to the site on-time. You can’t be working on-site at all hours of the day putting out fires or managing labor so having value engineered wall, floor, and trusses allow you to focus on the important areas of your business. Leave the building to us. Our manufactured components are created in factory facilities that operate in a controlled environment with three-shift schedules. This allows you to meet product and labor demands on your schedule, not ours.

We manufacture wall and floor panels as well as trusses to meet your construction needs and keep you building all year round without concerns about labor, efficiencies, value, and quality. Let’s discuss how our manufactured products can work for your next project.

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