Learning to manage the uncertainty of today’s building supply chain is an ever-evolving challenge. The construction supply chain is something that contractors and builders unfortunately do not have control over. What you can control is how you collaborate with suppliers to manage delivery times, as well as client expectations. 

With current disruptions in the building supply chain, how can contractors and builders navigate the uncertainty and continue to deliver exactly what their clients expect? Whether completely custom or high volume, let’s discuss a few tips and tricks for ensuring your projects stay on track. 

Anticipate Delays and Adjust Timelines Accordingly

In today’s landscape, shipping delays are often unavoidable, no matter how calculated you are. When ordering certain products, anticipating shipping issues and adding a small buffer window to your timeline can help you account for delays while also adhering to the timelines you provide your clients. 

Diversify Your Suppliers

Expanding your supplier list and creating relationships with other vendors is one way of building supply chain resilience. By having an expanded list of suppliers that you trust, as well as a range of brands you’re comfortable working with, you can help lessen the burden of sweeping supply shortages. 

Understanding which of your frequently used materials are most vulnerable to supply chain issues is a great way to identify where you need to look for diverse product options. Partnering with suppliers that are experienced in navigating the building supply chain means that you can also benefit from their knowledge, inventory levels, and diverse range of products. 

If you’re looking to add another vendor to your supplier mix, Zeeland Lumber & Supply is here for you. From our wide selection of products to our priority of providing exceptional customer service, our team of professionals is continually working to provide you with the right products you need when you need them. 

Be Flexible in Your Material Choice 

As we mentioned earlier, being flexible and creative in the materials that you choose can help you guard your projects against the tumultuous nature of today’s building supply chain. Depending on how tight timelines are for your clients, some of your clients might be open to choosing a different material or a different brand if it means that the project will not be delayed.

Navigating the current building supply chain means keeping up with an ever-changing knowledge base, including expanding knowledge of materials that are available. By working closely with suppliers, like Zeeland Lumber & Supply, you can learn about new products that can solve problems and prevent delays on your projects.

In addition to brainstorming these ideas with your team, our experts at Zeeland Lumber & Supply are here to help you make informed decisions on materials for your projects. Contact us to further discuss the needs of your clients. 

Building Supply Chain Resiliency with Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best in service and quality. Despite the uncertainty of today’s building supply chain, we are always working to ensure that your orders arrive on time, and that we’re providing you with the most up-to-date information regarding the availability of our products. Contact us to learn more about the range of products we offer and how we can help you adhere to your projects’ timelines.

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