Huber ZIP System

The Huber Zip System is a revolutionary new method of constructing building enclosures that increases building efficiency while providing homeowners with unparalleled energy-efficient weatherization. Brought to you by Huber Engineered Woods, one of the nation’s largest family-owned companies, the Huber Zip system was designed to make the construction process faster, by reducing the building enclosure process to just two easy steps. Superior technology ensures that this system is not only easy to install but also one of the most energy-efficient solutions available.

Benefits of Huber Zip System

The Huber ZIP System is the first of its kind, offering an intuitive, intelligent solution for both residential and commercial builders hoping to meet even the most stringent building and energy efficiency codes. A few benefits of the system include:

ZIP System

Installation Speed & Ease

The simple two-step installation of the Huber Zip system eliminates the need for housewrap and felt. Simply choose the appropriate wall or roof sheathing for your job, install sheathing panels, and tape the seams. The ZIP System’s unique tape technology has actually been proven to install 40% faster.

Continuous Air Barrier 

Taped seams along each panel protect against air leakage, providing an energy-efficient building envelope in considerably less time. A rigid air barrier in ZIP system sheathing panels offers another control layer to manage both water and airflow in just one simple system. The ZIP system is transforming the way many construction teams build Energy Star and LEED-certified structures.


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Integrated Water-Resistive Barrier

Huber Zip sheathing panels are designed with a unique technology that protects against water intrusion, while still allowing panels to properly dry. Not only does this technology eliminate the need for housewrap, but it also eliminates costly delays due to rework. Since water can not seep behind the protective outer layer to damage sheathing panels, the Huber Zip system ensures your work is done right the first time.

Structural Durability

Huber ZIP sheathing panels are designed with enhanced engineered wood to meet Structural 1 rating requirements. Built to take on tough environments, these panels provide 10% more shear strength, withstanding extreme, high-wind conditions with unmatched weather protection.

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Huber ZIP Systems Options Offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is dedicated to continuous improvement in the construction industry. We’re always looking for innovative solutions that are revolutionizing the building process, and the Huber Zip System is one such solution. We’re proud to carry a full selection of Huber ZIP products for our construction clients looking for new ways to build better.

ZIP System Roof & Wall Sheathing

ZIP System Roof & Wall Sheathing

Designed to streamline work on the job site, ZIP system sheathing panels are available in three thicknesses and two colors. All options are engineered for use on both roof and wall applications, making the building enclosure process simple. All ZIP system sheathing panels are made of engineered wood to deliver strength and durability and are equipped with a continuous, rigid air barrier and a built-in vapor permeable water-resistive barrier. This innovative system eliminates the need for housewrap or felt while providing one of the most energy-efficient building envelopes on the market.

ZIP System Flashing & Stretch Tape

ZIP System Flashing & Stretch Tape

Both of Huber ZIP System’s tape options are designed to make the building process more efficient. Their flashing tape is ideal for both seam sealing and flashing, and is manufactured with four key layers designed to make installation easy, provide the highest quality weather protection, durability, and unparalleled adhesion. The ZIP system stretch tape offers all of the same adhesion, durability, and weather protection features, but stretches to fit even the trickiest flashing spots. Ideal for window sills, curved windows, or wall penetrations, ZIP System stretch tape can be pulled up and reapplied for hassle-free installation, providing an instant seal in even the most troublesome spots.

Zip System Liquid Flash

Zip System Liquid Flash

In situations where even ZIP System stretch tape can’t get the job done, you can turn to ZIP system’s liquid flash. An innovative, liquid-applied flashing membrane, ZIP Liquid Flash can be applied to seal any irregular shape or surface, and cures in as little as 20-40 minutes. Offering the same weather and UV resistance as ZIP System tape, ZIP Liquid Flash provides exceptional protection and proper adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, ensuring that even the most difficult-to-seal areas of any building project are completed to provide a perfect building envelope.


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