Metal Sales™ Roofing

Metal Sales™ is the largest metal roofing manufacturer in the United States. They specialize in roofing panels with amazing durability, various color options, and a unique eco-friendly advantage. We’re proud to choose them as a top metal roofing manufacturer at Zeeland Lumber & Supply.

Standout Metal Sales™ Roofing Characteristics

Metal roof panels are gaining popularity among customers due to their customizable aesthetic, long lifespan, and energy-efficient performance features. Here’s what makes options from Metal Sales™ so great.

Outdoor Deck

Outstanding Strength

As long as Metal Sales™ roofing panels are installed properly, they’re designed to stand up to the elements with ease. They also keep rodents, birds, and other pests out. If you live in an area at risk of fire, they provide the added benefit of Class-A fire protection.

The Longest of Lifetimes

Metal Sales™ roofing is manufactured to last longer than any other roofing material on the market — up to 60 or more years!

Environmentally Friendly

Metal Sales™ turns any excess scrap or old panels into new metal panels, keeping their landfill levels low. In the same vein, roofs built with their products are highly energy efficient, helping to save the planet and save you some energy costs.

Industry-leading Warranties

The company offers a number of product warranties to protect your investment. Should anything be less than their typical high quality, you’ll be protected.

Two Types of Metal Roofing Products

Metal Sales™ offers two main roofing categories: exposed fastener and concealed fastener. Each of these categories has a variety of accompanying styles, rib heights, coverages, substrate material, and color options.

Exposed Fastener Roofs

Exposed Fastener Roofs

Exposed fastener metal roof panels are an affordable choice for a variety of building projects. The panels can be color-matched and installed over existing shingles. For lower cost and easy installation, this is your best choice.

concealed fastener roofs

Concealed Fastener Roofs

Concealed fastener roofs offer a higher level of durability and aesthetic appeal. Their sleek design appeals to more homeowners for residential projects. Not only are concealed panels stronger, but their design also allows for less lifetime maintenance.

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