ProWood Pressure Treated Lumber

ProWood treated lumber is the ultimate defense against wood’s natural enemies: pests, fungal decay and weather. A product of the great minds of Grand Rapids company Universal Forest Products, ProWood is the result of the best in advanced lumber treatment technology combined with industry experience. Zeeland Lumber is proud to offer a variety of ProWood products sure to make your next project a success and protect it for a lifetime.

Benefits of ProWood Pressure Treated Lumber

When you choose ProWood lumber, you get the very best in lumber treatment technology, a variety of appearance and treatment options and guaranteed protection against termites and decay.


All-Natural Look

ProWood’s treated products look like natural wood, offering comprehensive internal protection without sacrificing the look and feel of fresh lumber. ProWood Dura Color products retain their natural color for much longer than other lumber products and require zero staining. 

Variety of Treatment Options

ProWood offers various treatments for their lumber products so you can protect what matters most. With ProWood, you can preserve the lumber’s color and finish, keep out moisture, mold, and pests, and even prevent fire from consuming the wood. 

Advanced Technology

The experts at Universal Forest Products are continuously developing cutting edge treatment technology that’s more effective and safer to handle. The ProWood brand was launched in 2012, and UFP has been fine-tuning the treatment formula ever since.

Extreme Durability

ProWood offers long-lasting protection from internal decay, and will keep working and looking great for decades. Additional treatment options can give the lumber advanced durability, extended protection and preserved appearance. 

Hazard Protection

ProWood Fire Retardant treated lumber keeps internal decay and fire at bay. ProWood FR lumber is infused with fire retardant chemicals at a cellular level to alter the wood’s chemistry into one that is impenetrable by flame. When the wood is heated, it gives off water and CO2 to suppress fire and protect your structure.


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Why Choose ProWood Lumber?

Lumber choices are endless, but how do you know ProWood lumber is the best option for you? Zeeland Lumber supplies ProWood because of their advanced protective technology, extensive warranty options and environmental responsibility.

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Project Flexibility

Treated lumber is great for many project types including foundations, sheds and pole barns, decking and railing, garden beds, fencing and railing, docks and other outdoor structures. ProWood pressure treated lumber is compliant with building codes with guaranteed protection against decay and pests. 

Termite-Tested and Rot-Repellant

ProWood is a proven defense against wood antagonists including termites and other boring pests, fungi, mold, and rot. Treated lumber is protected against internal structural breakdown and offers some protection against external deterioration from weathering and corrosion, which can be extended through application of a sealant. If you’re building a structure that needs the best possible chance at a long and healthy life, ProWood treated lumber is your safest bet.

Guaranteed for a Lifetime

ProWood is so confident that their products will stand up to the elements, they offer a lifetime limited warranty on their treated lumber. This protects it against any structural failure caused by termites, fungal decay or rot. Though the treatment was carefully developed to prevent such a failure, if it occurs, ProWood will replace the damaged lumber or refund the original cost. Other treatment options such as fire retardancy or color preservation have their own warranties. Information about the lumber’s applicable warranties can be found on the end tag.


ProWood is the recipient of several sustainability awards and certifications. Wood is an abundant, renewable and recyclable resource. Treated lumber is guaranteed to last longer than plain lumber which eases demand on forests. Universal Forest Products is also committed to working with lumber harvesters who are third party certified and is responsible for zero wastewater discharge from any of their treatment plants.

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Safe to Handle

Universal Forest Products worked hard to develop a lumber treatment that was hard on pests and rot but easy to work with without danger to the consumer. ProWood lumber is safe for almost all outdoor projects including fresh water contact applications like decks and garden beds. As always, follow care instructions when working with treated lumber including using gloves and avoiding contact by wearing a dust mask and goggles when cutting. Never burn treated wood and dispose of unused products in a landfill according to local and state regulations.

ProWood Offerings by Zeeland Lumber

Zeeland is proud to support ProWood and offer a variety of their products that give you the best protection on the jobsite and for a long-lasting project. Read about a few of our offerings and reach out to us for availability and pricing.


ProWood Pressure-Treated

ProWood’s pressure treated lumber is the best defense against attack by termites, fungi, and mold. It uses micronized copper in the preservative solution which is proven to be an effective protection for decades and requires no solvent like other treated lumber. ProWood treated lumber offers better performance and a more natural look than other treated lumber.

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ProWood Dura Color

ProWood’s Dura Color products are infused with color throughout wood, so no staining is required. It holds its color quality longer than other wood types with all the same resistance to fungi and pests. Dura Color treated lumber comes with a two year color assurance limited warranty.


ProWood Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT)

ProWood KDAT lumber offers the same protection as treated lumber, but is lighter and less susceptible to warping. Instead of waiting weeks to months for the lumber to dry and reshape, KDAT lumber is ready to be sealed or stained immediately. It’s especially useful for projects where the installed panel thickness needs to be as close to the final result as possible.

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ProWood Sill Plate

ProWood sill plate is a greener form of protection against pests that’s just as tough as borate. It’s approved for above-ground exterior applications without the special handling instructions of borate and other harsh chemical treatments. ProWood sill plate lumber is also compatible with carbon steel fasteners.

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ProWood Fire Retardant

ProWood FR infuses fire retardant chemicals into each cell of the wood, rather than just putting a coating on the surface. It meets building code requirements and is UL-approved. It works by suppressing flames with water and CO2 stored in the cells. ProWood FR lumber is effective at preventing fire from spreading and can make the difference when it comes to protecting your investment. ProWood FR lumber is tinted for easy identification and comes with a 50 year limited warranty. 


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