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Quality Edge is a manufacturer of exterior siding, exterior accessories, roofing accessories and building products like fascia, flashing, and drip edges. Founded in 1989 with a mission of shipping metal building products out within 72 hours of order, Quality Edge quickly became one of the nation’s favorite building materials manufacturers, and their dedication to creativity and innovation has solidified their place in the market. Zeeland Lumber & Supply is excited to bring Quality Edge’s full range of products to our clients.

Why Choose Quality Edge?

Zeeland Lumber & Supply chose to partner with Quality Edge in part because of the exceptional quality of their products, but also because they have a dedication to continuous improvement and innovation that continues to set them apart as a building materials manufacturer. Here are just a few of the reasons we think you’ll love Quality Edge and their products:


72 Hour Turn Around Time

Quality Edge got its start with a 72-hour turn-around-time, and that’s something they stand behind even today. They work hard to ensure that after an order is placed, it’s shipped out to you in 72 hours or less. Where other manufacturers are functioning on weeks-long lead times, this is a value-added service that guarantees you get the products you need, exactly when you need them.


The construction industry relies on constant innovation to keep projects moving along as quickly and as profitably as possible. Quality Edge has kept their focus on innovation, both in the way they do business and in the products they offer, since their founding. They were the first to develop a number of building materials, like pre-notched fascia and drip edge, hidden vent soffit, No-Mar paint systems, 72-hour lead times, perforated packaging, and so much more. When you invest in Quality Edge products, you know you’re investing in the most innovative products on the market.

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Whether you’re working on a custom project, or you need to authentically match a historic remodel, Quality Edge offers complete customization of color, shape, and size of all of their products. Their tagline states, “If you can draw it, we can make it!” From brick ledges and ceiling panels to exterior and interior cladding, if you need a custom option, Quality Edge can make it happen.


Sustainable building materials are more important to the industry than ever. Quality Edge is continuously improving the sustainability of its manufacturing process to minimize any scrap, and 100% of any remaining leftover materials are recycled. Because Quality Edge only manufactures with aluminum and steel — the world’s most recycled materials — your customers can rest easy knowing their home’s components aren’t harming the environment.


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Quality Edge Products Offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is offering all of these products to our clients. Quality Edge materials are all designed and manufactured using the latest industry innovations, and some of their products we’re most excited for include:

Quality Edge manufactures an extensive array of metal building products, including:

  • Soffit Ventilation
  • Fascia
  • Steel Siding
  • Exterior Cladding Accessories
  • Trim Coil
  • Roofing Accessories
  • Drip Edge
  • Flashings
  • InsideOut Underdeck 
  • Gutter Protection
Quality Edge Infinity Drip Edge

Quality Edge Infinity Drip Edge

Quality Edge got its start with a revolutionary drip edge. Though their design has changed considerably over the past 40 years, it’s still the most innovative drip edge on the market. Their new Infinity Drip Edge is one-of-a-kind, making drip edge installation simpler and more effective for builders and homeowners alike. Featuring Snap-Lock technology, the Infinity Drip Edge nests pieces together, reducing fish mounting and providing a clean overlap with one continuous run. Featuring simple three-step installation, the Quality Edge Infinity Drip Edge saves you labor while providing exceptional water protection.

TruCedar Steel Siding

TruCedar Steel Siding

A long-term, durable siding option, Quality Edge’s TruCedar steel siding offers the look and feel of traditional wood siding, with the heavy-duty strength of steel. Backed by a lifetime warranty, and guaranteed to resist warping, melting, extreme weather, and moisture, this is a unique siding option custom homeowners are sure to love. Add that to the fact that TruCedar products are 100% recyclable and more energy-efficient than vinyl and fiber cement, and this is a product your clients can feel good about investing in.

InsideOut Underdeck Ceiling

InsideOut Underdeck Ceiling

Quality Edge’s unique InsideOut Underdeck Ceiling is a specially designed ceiling system that removes all of the maintenance and upkeep that’s typically associated with the underside of a deck, turning the space into a desirable, maintenance-free outdoor living area. Manufactured to mimic the rich hues of natural wood, InsideOut Underdeck Ceiling adds valuable outdoor living space to decks and patios alike.

Homeowner’s Guide

The Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Saving Renovations

Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Saving Renovations is an interactive guide to help you get started on your renovations while saving energy.

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