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Simpson Door Company has been building beautiful doors since 1912. Their interior and exterior doors are unique in the fact that they are handcrafted from wood straight out of the Washington forests. With a large selection of wood species, water resistant technologies, and customizable designs, Simpson is sure to create the perfect door for your home. Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to provide our clients with their exceptional quality and durability.

Why Choose Simpson Doors?

Simpson Door Company builds interior and exterior doors that are handcrafted and durable, even in the toughest environmental conditions. Here are some of the benefits of installing a Simpson door in your home:

Andersen Windows made of Vinyl

Weather Resistant

Simpson doors are designed to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Their WaterBarrier Technology uses a Medium Density Overlay with water-resistant materials to protect the full exterior of doors from suffering any damage. Their UltraBlock Technology uses a water-resistant composite block in the bottom of door stiles to prevent any water damage from infiltration. Both technologies can be combined to create an ultra durable door that maintains its natural beauty for years. 

In 2018, Andersen received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for Sustained Excellence. When you invest in Andersen products, you’re investing in a company with an eye towards a better, cleaner future.

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Environmentally Focused

With Simpson, you can install a beautiful, long lasting door and feel great knowing you’ve chosen a high-quality product from a company that believes in sustainability. Simpson was an early supporter of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and has been praised for its habitat conservation plans in forests. Simpson also purchases from responsible and reliable suppliers that follow best forest management practices, is California Air Resource Board Phase 2 Compliant, and actively supports green building programs.

Andersen Windows made of Vinyl

Built With Excellence

Simpson has been making doors for over a century. Throughout that time, they’ve made it their mission to innovate some of the highest quality, durable doors in America. Generations of families have dedicated their lives to the business to continue pushing the envelope for creativity and craftsmanship in custom wood doors. 

In 2018, Andersen received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for Sustained Excellence. When you invest in Andersen products, you’re investing in a company with an eye towards a better, cleaner future.

Andersen Windows made of Wood

Handcrafted and Customizable

You get the door you desire with Simpson. While they offer a selection of standard designs, their pride is in handcrafting customized doors that best fit the style of your home. Choose from a wide variety of wood species, sizes, glass options, and weather-resistant technologies. 

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Zeeland Lumber & Supply’s Simpson Door Company Selections:

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to offer a full selection of Simpson Doors. We offer window and door options from each of their collections, all designed for different tastes, styles, and investment levels. Here’s a basic outline of each available Simpson Door collection:

Andersen E-Series Doors & Windows

Simpson Concept Custom Doors

Simpson’s Concept Custom Doors give you the opportunity to pick and choose from different components to design the perfect door for your home. Start by choosing an available handcrafted style or work with a renowned craftsman for a one-of-a-kind creation. Then, choose from dozens of available wood species, glass and resin panels, and sizes. 

The best part? Finish it off decorative accents or special panel treatments to compliment the style of your home. These doors are made to be beautiful and made to be recognized, either within or outside of your home. 

Andersen A-Series Doors & Windows

Simpson Exterior Doors

Simpson knows that your front door is the first impression for anyone entering your home. That’s why they offer a variety of durable exterior doors to promote your home’s curbside appeal. They also know how much weather can affect the look and longevity of a natural wood door, so they offer weather-resistant upgrades. That way, the quality of your handcrafted wood door is maintained even in the harshest conditions.

When shopping Simpson exterior doors, you can browse through Nantucket, Mastermark, Artist, Craftsman, Bungalow, and Builder’s Advantage collections and series. You can also choose from a variety of other traditional doors, barn doors, dutch doors, contemporary doors, and french and sash doors. Whether you want a modern or elegant look, a dutch or pivot door application, or a glass or resin window, you can find what you need with Simpson’s selections.

Andersen 400 Series Doors & Windows

Simpson Interior Doors

Interior doors help create a consistent, stylish appeal within your home. With Simpson, you’ll be able to control that appeal by choosing from handcrafted doors made with a variety of designs, woods, and glasses. With the right application, an interior door can either match the aesthetic room or stand out and make a statement.

While shopping Simpon interior doors, you can browse through a variety of interior french doors, panel and bifold doors, barn doors, louver doors, ready-to-paint doors, fire-rated doors, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) doors. These can be used to set the tone for the look of a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or pantry, and complete your home with quality finishes.

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