Many builders’ biggest concern is cycle time — the time it takes to complete one project and get started on another. Cycle time is a huge contributor to overall profit margins, but as you already know, the challenge comes in minimizing cycle time without sacrificing quality. Distinguished homebuilders and construction professionals need to maintain those high standards, but it’s good to know that you can do so while simultaneously reducing building time with a few small adjustments. Here are three ways construction professionals can reduce building time, without sacrificing on the quality of your build:


#1 Manufactured Materials — Roof & Floor Trusses and Wall Panels

If you’re looking to save time and money while maintaining high quality standards, manufactured components are great options.

  1. They’re delivered assembled to your site. That means you don’t need to hire extra labor for assembly, cut lumber to size on site, or worry about lumber weathering during construction. You get exactly what you need, pre-assembled, and delivered to your site when you’re ready for it.
  2. Superior quality control. Manufactured roof and floor trusses and wall panels are created in controlled environments. That means they’re manufactured precisely, and shielded from environmental damage. By investing in manufactured components, you know you’re going to get superior quality every time.
  3. Manufactured in a fraction of the time. Since components are assembled in a factory, work can progress at all hours. You don’t have to worry about waking up the neighbors when framing out the wall panels, or keeping people up at night while your crew stays late to keep your schedule. Instead, the parts are put together off-site and delivered to you in great condition, in a fraction of the construction time it would take for you to hire a crew and build each of those panels and trusses individually during normal work hours.


#2 Create Efficiencies for Your Labor Partners

You’ve already saved time and money by using framing components. You can use the resources you gained to continue moving your building project along. Your labor trade partners can turn their attention to installing windows, doors, decking and in some cases roofing and siding — critical to getting your home closed in so you can move your focus to the inside. Leveraging a component building process will allow your framing crew to finish jobs quicker and move on to your next new home or remodel project.  This increase in sales velocity will enhance profitability for both your and your framing labor partners.


#3 Choose A Supplier With Good Turnaround Time and Truck Tracking

You can’t build if you don’t have materials. One key way to reduce your building time is to make sure you get all the materials you need, when you need them. To ensure your materials are arriving on time, it pays to choose a supplier with a good turnaround time and truck tracking. Suppliers with these tools know where their trucks are at all times, and work hard to make sure they’re delivering supplies on a tight schedule.

In the same vein, your job will progress much more quickly when your crew doesn’t have to worry about tripping over extra materials and clutter that’s laying around the jobsite because you haven’t had materials picked up yet. A supplier with quality truck tracking and a good turnaround time can help you minimize the waste lying around your job site by picking up unused materials in a timely fashion. This also ensures your account is credited quickly, giving you the cash flow you need to get that next job started right away.

Interested in reducing your building time, but not sure how to implement all three of these methods at once? Give Zeeland Lumber & Supply a call at 888-772-2119. We have the materials, manufacturing, reputation, and business practices you need to cut down the time it takes you to build. From manufactured wall and floor trusses to pre-assembled wall panels and superior truck tracking, we can help you meet your specific construction needs quickly. Feel free to contact us online, or stop by one of our brick-and-mortar locations today!


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