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Brought to you by the legendary Andersen Windows and Doors, the Weiland Liftslide line of sliding doors is one of the highest-quality products on the market. These doors are beautifully handcrafted in straight, corner, or curved configurations, offering spectacular floor-to-ceiling views that truly bring the outdoors in. Zeeland Lumber & Supply is excited to bring Weiland Liftslide’s architectural sliding doors to our clients and customers.

Why Choose Weiland Sliding Doors

There are all kinds of sliding doors on the market today, so what sets Weiland apart? It’s obvious that the Liftslide is a beautifully crafted product line, but the craftsmanship and customization options make their doors both functional and perfectly suited to any project you’ve got in mind. Here are just a few of the reasons we choose Weiland first for top-of-the-line glass sliding doors.

Weiland Lift Slide Doors

Variety of Configurations

Weiland Liftslide sliding doors are available in a variety of configurations, designed to add visual impact to any home or building. Available in straight, curved, corner, and even pocket door configurations, Weiland Liftslide can create incredibly large openings for any room or building. Straight large panels can accommodate up to 16 feet of height, while curved panels have been built as large as 12 feet tall.

Color Matching

Weiland offers an expansive range of color matching, ensuring your Liftslide door suits your home perfectly. Choose from their selection of 50 exterior colors, or let Weiland match any existing window or exterior siding for the perfect, seamless finish. Colors are available in matte, gloss, and metallic finishes. 

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High-Performance Glass Options

What’s a sliding glass door without the glass? Weiland goes the extra mile by offering endless options of specialty glass with various coatings like laminated, tinted, and low E3 for added energy savings. They take additional care to inspect every piece of glass to ensure it meets extensive high-performance expectations for applications in the most extreme environments. 

Flush Tracks

Weiland designed its unique flush track in the 1980s, changing the sliding door game forever. Standing just 3/16″ above the finished floor, there’s nothing to trip over when you walk through your Liftslide door. Made from hardened, anodized aluminum, these tracks don’t dent or damage, ensuring your Liftslide door glides smoothly for years to come, while keeping the elements out in even severe weather conditions. 

Weiland Lift Slide Doors

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Weiland Liftslide Doors Offered By Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Zeeland Lumber & Supply works to partner with companies offering innovative, next-level products that deliver in both craftsmanship and quality, and Weiland’s Liftslide line is no exception. If you’re looking to build a home or finish a renovation with a truly breathtaking sliding glass door, Liftslide is the product to choose from. We offer the following Liftslide door options:

Aluminum & Wood door

Aluminum & Wood

Offering the durability of aluminum with the beauty and character of wood, Liftslide aluminum & wood doors are an exceptional choice for most applications. These Liftslide doors are built with a robust aluminum sash and beautiful wood interior cladding. Available in a maximum height of 14′, this is a great option for any home that wants a beautiful, yet durable luxury sliding door.

All Aluminum door

All Aluminum

Weiland Liftslide doors are made with 6063 aluminum, which is an alloy that’s much stronger and harder than what’s traditionally used by the competition. More stable and much stronger than a complete wood sliding door option, aluminum Liftslide doors are available in up to 12′ tall panels, and provide exceptional durability, ensuring your Liftslide door looks beautiful and glides with ease for years to come. 

All Wood

All Wood

If you’re looking for a sliding door option that adds architectural beauty and character to your home, an all wood Weiland Liftslide door is the choice for you. Like a beautiful piece of furniture, these doors are constructed from wood frames and are available in panels up to 12′ tall. 

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